Sunday, September 28, 2008

Isetan Private Sale - 25 Sep 2008

It is shopping time again....Yours truly, the shopping queen love shopping. Last Thursday was Isetan Private Sale for cardmembers. I bought some Clarins skincare products at Isetan Wisma during lunch time and that is my first part of the Isetan Private Sale. At the same time, help bestie to collect and pay for her Clarins skincare products. The fitting room was not so crowded, so I tried on a few dresses but they didn't look nice on me, so gave it a pass. The Isetan Private Sale is only for cardmembers at Isetan Scotts. Need to show your Isetan Card to the staff stationed at the entrance in order to enter Isetan Scotts that day. However Isetan Wisma was opened to the Public during the Private Sale.

My Clarins skincare products

The 2nd part of the Isetan Private Sale was in the evening when I met up with Bestie to shop at Isetan Scotts. In fact, Isetan Scotts has more things and is more crowded compared to Isetan Wisma. Surprisingly the quene to the cashiers and to redeem our beauty vouchers was a breeze. The quene are moving fast and within 5 minutes, we are done with the payment and beauty voucher redemptions. It is less crowded and faster when you make payment nearer to 2200 hours when they are closing their store. However most goodies are gone by then because the early birds catches the worms......As we are only interested to buy skincare products and cosmetics, so we reserved our stuff earlier and we just grab and go, on the private sale day. Of course since we were there, we shopped around too, besides buying our reserved skincare products and cosmetics.

Crowds at the Fancl counter when we were there to collect Bestie's items

Bestie bought a pair of Americaya's white looks nice on her. It is worth buying using the beauty vouchers. We have some fun trying on shoes......I tried on a pair of shiny high heels that makes me look like a mamasan, working in a night club.....Have a good laugh over it.....Took pictures of goes.......

Mamasan high heels

I didn't buy this pair of high heels since I don't like it. Thus just for a laugh during our shopping spree. Kinda of mini entertainment huh.

Both bestie and I bought the Estee Lauder's Blockblaster set.

Click here for pictures of my blockblaster purchase.

Besides purchasing skincare products and cosmetics, we also bought stationery. The stationery are retailing at 20% discount on last Thursday only. I bought a nice notebook and some pens.

My sweet notebook
My sweet notebook and pens

Carrie's Disposable Pilot Fountain Pen tucked on her sleeve in

Sex and the city

Close up of the Disposable Pilot Fountain Pen

I bought the Disposable Pilot Fountain Pen

The one used by Carrie in Sex and the city and

in real life, she is also using this pen

We shopped till the store is closing. When it was closed, we were still inside the store talking to our beauty advisor happily. I am very happy with my purchases, so is Bestie.....we went home smiling all the way happily.......All in all, a very enjoyable shopping spree Girls' night out on town.


Eva said...

Haha yes mamasan, that pair looks very glamorous :P

Thanks for buying the Clarins for me. Their sunblock is great! Compact powder I'd used it for a few times, will update you later.

Classiclicious said...

You are welcome.....Oh that pair of heels looks glamorous, so should I buy it ? Maybe shall go down to try it again.