Sunday, September 7, 2008

Friday Girls Night Out on town

Last Friday had retail therapy at The Body Shop. I received their pamplet informing an exclusive offer for star loyalty members to enjoy the 30% discount on regular price items.

Presenting my shopping bag

Peeping my purchases
An exclusive gift for star loyalty members with SGD120 or more spent
This is my free gift worth SGD84.60
Floral Beach Bag, Limited Edition Green Tea Shower Gel 250ml,
Limited Edition Pomegranate Puree Body Lotion 250ml and
Limited Edition Pomegranate Hydrating Body Spray 100ml

My purchases

In fact, bought my stuff during lunch time, so it was a lunch time retail therapy for yours truly. I met up with bestie Eva in the evening for more retail therapy. She also bought some Body Shop products using my Star Loyalty Members privilege to enjoy the 30% discount. She also has the free gift as she spent SGD120 or more. This promotion is only valid from 4 to 7 September 2008 (4 days). Both of us had a good deal and are happy with our purchases.

After we are done with our retail therapy, we proceed for simple dinner at Thai Express at The Paragon.

I ate the seafood tom yam stick noodles soup

Bestie had the seafood fried noodles

Our table

After we had our simple dinner, we shopped at Muji @ The Paragon whereby bestie bought a jewel case box with mirror. By the time, we are done, most of the shops at the mall has closed for the day, so we adjourned to Bakerzin at Wisma Atria for a drink and chat before we head home.

Our drinks - Strawberry Lavender Lime

We had our girlie chat at Bakerzin and have a wonderful time together with lots of fun and laughters.

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