Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Doctor's Diagnosis of my skin allergic

Just consulted the doctor who cured my auntie's skin allergic years ago. Yours truly was diagnosed to have very dry and sensitive skin now that caused the itch and skin allergic. Some kind of bad skin allergic outbreak. Besides could also have been affected by the dust. Was given some pills to control it and advised to use a pH balance soap free cleanser to shower till my skin calm down (at least 2 weeks). Bought one from the doctor to shower since my skin is very dry and sensitive now. Cannot afford to make it worse by using my own shower gel which are not pH balance.

My medicine to control my skin allergic
This soap-free shower cleanser is only available in clinics and hospitals

So for the time being, will shower with pH balanced soap-free shower cleanser. I am indeed so dry that my lips crack.....cannot talk so loud, it hurts. Urgh ! I need to apply more lip balm to moisturise it.
I so wanna go to F1 private party tonight but seems like I have to give it a pass....No alcoholic drinks for yours truly as it will further dehydrate me....My body and skin need lots of moisture and pH balance.
The weather seems so cooling today.....shall take my beauty sleep shortly.
Note to myself : Need to buy Eucerin or QV pH balance body lotion to apply otherwise my skin will get worse in my air-con office.
Was glad to see Nana just now on my way back from the clinic. It has been a long time since we met. Glad she is doing fine. Actually I am doing great till this skin allergic attack. Urgh ! sucks and I have to forgo clubbing and f1 parties because body is dehydrated and no alcoholic drinks. I doubt I can resist the temptations to drink when I go clubbing and at party. Even when I opened my house fridge, I have the temptations to reach for the beer.

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