Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I lost my voice

I lost my voice yesterday
Please help me to find it back
My throat is so itchy
Please help me to scratch it
Now my voice sounds so hoarse and sexy
I want my original voice back.
Consulted my Company Doctor last evening and was prescribed with some medications.
and best of all, he gave me a day off today to rest my voice.
The Company Doctor treated me so nice like a fatherly figure.
I feel much better now, though not coughing as much as yesterday.
The cough mixture really is making yours truly very drowsy
that I woke up at noon just now
Guess rest is important in order for my original voice to be back.
My medications

My lunch just now
The seafood soup noodles

So here I am blogging away at home on this quiet afternoon, with nice music playing from Class 95 FM and burning lavender essential oil.........yours truly is in silent mode today....If I am in the office, surely yakking away and cannot rest my vocal. Yesterday was coughing and talking to colleauges over the phone with my hoarse and sexy voice in the office...I think the other party's ear is suffering listening to my hoarse and sexy voice. Well no more mooncake for yours truly at the moment......I want my original voice back....I don't want this hoarse and sexy voice, it will give some guys the wrong idea when I am talking to them over the phone.

My colleagues saw me struggling to talk in my hoarse and sexy voice yesterday and feel so sorry for me. They encouraged me to go home to rest my voice......in my line of work, it is difficult to work without voice as I need to talk.


Billy Chua said...

hey U take care... blame it on the bad weather

Classiclicious said...

thanks Billy. Need to drink more h2o and talk less at the moment...on silent mode

Issac Ritz said...

both of us are having sore throats! take care and rest well.

Classiclicious said...

Hi Issac
Thanks....Oh dear you too have a sore throat...I lost my voice and have a hoarse and sexy voice now. You take care and rest well too...