Monday, September 29, 2008

Packing and Packing and Packing

Today is Monday. Do you have Monday blues ? Well, I don't have Monday blues but I do have packing blues......because I have been packing and packing and packing the whole day today. Still so many things to pack. The reason why I am packing is my office will be shifting this Friday while my current floor will undergo renovation. We will be shifting to 7th storey temporarily till the renovation work at 10th storey is completed. Estimated date of completion of renovation is around mid November 2008. I am turning professional packer soon !

I am feeling so tired now from the packing. I have so many boxes and I am surrounded by boxes....Phew ! shall call it a day and continue to pack tomorrow.

This week is a 4-day work week because this Wednesday is Hari Raya Puasa which is a Public Holiday. So tomorrow work one more day will be rest day on Wednesday. Then come Thursday and Friday and the weekend is here.....Well I have lots of events and activities line up on personal, work and social front.

Very happening week indeed ! Stay tuned !

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