Saturday, October 31, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Therefore a month-long Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign is taking place in October. Activities include the "Wear the Pink Ribbon" and other breast cancer awareness events.   To support the Breast Cancer Foundation, fashionably yours bought Estee Lauder Lip Design Collection set.  Every box purchase, SGD10 will be donated the Breast Cancer Founation.  This is spending for a good cause.  Nice colour and doing for charity. 

Estee Lauder Lip Desing Collection

It consists of a lip pencil, a lip gloss, a lipstick and a pink box

For more information on BCF, click   here

Gums Infections

Fashionably yours is sick with gums infections, mouth ulcers and abit sore throat since Monday.  My body must be too heaty. Was prescribed with antibiotics and panadol by my company doctor.  The gums infections is painful and affecting my eating habits. Now I can only eat soft food and cannot bite hard solid food.  My gums are swollen and red.  Could be because I am so hardworking to floss my teeth three times a day.  Last week I flossed too hard till my gums bleeds on both side of my teeth.  I am in pain and suffering...sob...sob....sob....I prayed to quickly recover from this painful gums infections.  I hate the pain.  Eating is such a chore to me now and I really miss all the good food.  Since I cannot eat much stuff, so I eat mostly porridge, tofu and drink soup.  Poor me.  I will diligently take my medicine and also rinse my mouth with warm salt water.   Besides this, I will drink more cooling tea to cool down my body heatiness.

My Medicine

Now that I am down with gums infections, I cannot eat much so I don't have much meat in my diet and feel so weak. I just want to sleep and rest and to quickly fully recovered.  Will be resting over the weekends and skipping all the Halloween parties.  My health is more important than those parties. 

Happy Halloween everyone and a nice weekends.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Christmas, Food, Drinks and Tidbits

Christmas come early to Orchard Road. 
The Christmas decorations are up now in Orchard Road.

Christmas deco in Orchard Road

My favourite Killiney kopitiam hot tea and soft-boiled egg which I had on last Friday. Yummy :))

I like my soft-boiled egg in dark soya sauce and some pepper....yummy :))

What's inside this packaging ?

Yes it is my cup of hot tea from my favourite restaurant -Cafe Cova 

My hot cup of  pomengranate ruby tea

Bought this tidbits to eat at work
I don't know what is this tidbits. If anyone of you know, please share infor with me.  Thanks.

This is how it looks like from the top view
It tastes saltish

Had minestrone soup yesterday.  Yummy

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone *hugs*

Remember to take Sunday nap which is a luxury.................oh la la............

Friday, October 23, 2009

Manicure and Pedicure

Last Tuesday fashionably yours had my manicure done in the afternoon. 

My nicely done manicure in Chanel Splendeur

Followed by my pedicure session in the evening done on the same day.

My nicely done pedicure in a shade of OPI pink

It was such an indulgent day whereby I had both my manicure and pedicure done.  It was so therapeutic and relaxing.  Loving it. 

Soup and Tea

Yesterday I had lotus root with pork ribs soup and rice for lunch. 
 The soup is tasted so sweet.  Love it.  Yummy

What's inside this packing ?

Presenting one of my favourite tea from Cafe Cova - Paradise of Kiss - which I had yesterday afternoon.

Fashionably yours is a soup and tea person.  Love drinking both soup and tea.  Feel free to share with me your favourite soups and teas.  Thanks.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's on my lunch table today ?

My lunch for today
BBQ Korean Chicken Set
Oishii deshita

Our table

It has been a long time since we had the BBQ Korean Chicken set because it is always long long quene.  Luckily today the quene was short so bought it easily without queneing too long.....I am a Happy Girl and so are my buddies.


If you're good at something, never do it for free.

An interesting article to share here -   rules for your unborn son

Bubble Tea - My first time

I had bubble tea for the 1st time in my life yesterday afternoon. Tasted so-so. 
Bought from Each-A-Cup

My strawberry + red tea and L's normal bubble tea

My strawberry + red  tea tasted sweet. I don't find it fantastic so give me my starbucks anytime.

Feel free to share with me your favourite bubble tea.  Thanks.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hair cut and Japanese dinner

Last Monday met up with Bestie for haircut and followed by Japanese dinner at Suntec.  That day was quite a drama mama day.  Bestie actually make appointment with our hairstylist to cut our hair that day.  When we arrived at the hair salon, we were told that our hairstylist has left for the day.  OMG ! she forgot about our appointment  and went for her facial.  We were hesistating whether to let another hairstylist cut our hair.  After some dilemna, fashionably yours decided to let another hairstylist cut my hair because my schedule was very pack and I have no time to go back another day for our hairstylist to cut my hair.  However bestie decied to go back on last Friday to let our hairstylist cut her hair. 

I quite like the new hairdo which the hairstylist cut for me, especially my fringe.  It is something different and very chic.  A lot of people saw my hairstyle and like it at the office.  Not bad, I found another new hairstylist.  Next time I can let this hairstylist cut my hair if my hairstylist is not available.  At least I have another option.  Found new avenue in times of difficulties.  Hurray !

My new hairstyle

 Our dinner at Ichiban Boshi
My chawan mushi

Wasabi, light soya sauce and pickled ginger

My wagyu beef in soup....Yummy....Oishii deshita

My wagyu beef set that comes with
watermelon, rice, salmon sashimi and miso soup

Bestie fresh sashimi set
Oishii deshita

We ate till very full that night.  I like the salmon sashimi.  One good thing about dining out on a Monday night is the place has less crowd and more attention given by the serving staff.  Served our food very fast and refilled our green tea regularly too.  After our dinner, it was home sweet home because it was late and most of the shops have closed for  the day.  New hair style and yummy Japanese dinner....what else can I ask for.....I am a happy girl.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dinner, Jewel Fest and No need for forever Private Events

Last 2 Friday ago, met up with Bestie in the evening for our yummy dinner at our favourite Royal Copenhengan Cafe and Lounge.  We had our retail therapy done before the dinner. Pictures below show the yummy food we ate :

After we had our dinner, we proceed to attend our first event of the night, which was the Singapore Jewel Fest 2009.  Fashionably yours was invited by the organiser to attend the official opening of the Singapore Jewel Fest.

Bestie and I enjoyed the fashion show, cocktails and canapes at the Jewel Fest. Of course as usual busy clicking away on our digital camera. Met a friend at Jewel Fest too and due to the crowds at the event, fashionaby yours couldn't locate some of my socialite friends who were also there at the event.  Hope to be able to locate my socialite friends at some other events to catch up with them soon. 

After the fashion show had ended that night, bestie and fashionably yours had to rush to our next private event which is also happening at the same time and same night.  I was also invited by Hermes to attend the official opening of No need for forever by artist Rei Sato installation arts exhibition.  It was really very  rush rush for two of us.  However we did enjoy the two private events.

Fashionably yours and the artist Rei Sato
I am  so loving this Hermes tea cup set

In fact, fashionably yours was invited to attend four private events that same night.  However I have to declined the other two private events because it was also taking place at the same time and same night.  If it is back to back, I think I will be able to attend but too bad timing clashed so I can only rush to two private events taking place at the same night and same  time.  Bravo for the two of us rushing from one event to another.  Luckily the venues are just within walking distances and in the same area.  Phew !

The night before these two private events, fashionably yours was also invited to attend the official opening of the Art Festival.  However I had to skip due to work and also to conserve my energy to rush for these two private events which I like very much to attend.  Afterall they are my favourites, bling bling and Hermes.  Seems like I am so popular and on every organisers' guests lists.

Alrighty, so much so for the updates.  Hope your enjoyed viewing the pictures and video.

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone. 

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Orchard Central - New Kids on the block

Was at Orchard Central a few moons ago. Have been chilling out at Orchard Central of late :))
I like it not so crowded and so lush. Besides, it is just across the street and so convenient. Dropped by the other day to say Hi to and chatted with Hossan Leong :))

Magazine, free gifts and fashion

Was at Books Kinokuniya last week and bought
Shape Magazine and got a free Nestle cereals.

FREE gift

The last 2 weeks fashionably yours was invited to attend two fashion shows namely Aigner and  It was for their Fall/Winter 2009 collections.  Love it as fashionably yours love fashion and love attending designers' fashion shows by invitations only, especially private events.

For Aigner fashion show photos click here

For fashion show photos click  here

For Aigner fashion show video click here here

For fashion show video click here and here here

Have a beautiful Sunday and a wonderful week ahead :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn festival party at office. Ate lots of mooncakes, courtesy from our vendors. Yummy.

Wishing everyone a  Happy Mid Autumn Festival.  Enjoy eating your mooncakes. 

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Drama mama day

Fashionably yours was sick with an upset stomach and diarrhoea yesterday.  Keep running to the washroom.  No company doctor to consult because the doctor himself was on medical leave yesterday, so I was my own doctor - self-medicated. Why must the company doctor go on medical leave when I need to consult him, so dramatic.

I called up another company doctor but the appointment time was in the late afternoon.  Fashionably yours was feeling so tired and just want to sleep.  Thus I decided to take the afternoon off work to self-medicated and rest at home.   I am such a muddle head and blur queen...ate an expired sandwich wonder I got the stomach upset. The last time was took vitamins that has expired one year ago ! 

The diarrhoea has stopped and hoping the stomach will recover soon.  Otherwise will need to consult the company doctor.  Will monitor and crossing my fingers hoping for the best. 

Sipping 100 plus drink now while blogging.   Today is 1st October 2009 which is also Children's Day.  Wishing everyone a Happy Children's Day.  Even when you are adult there is still a little child inside everyone.

Good night.