Saturday, October 31, 2009

Gums Infections

Fashionably yours is sick with gums infections, mouth ulcers and abit sore throat since Monday.  My body must be too heaty. Was prescribed with antibiotics and panadol by my company doctor.  The gums infections is painful and affecting my eating habits. Now I can only eat soft food and cannot bite hard solid food.  My gums are swollen and red.  Could be because I am so hardworking to floss my teeth three times a day.  Last week I flossed too hard till my gums bleeds on both side of my teeth.  I am in pain and suffering...sob...sob....sob....I prayed to quickly recover from this painful gums infections.  I hate the pain.  Eating is such a chore to me now and I really miss all the good food.  Since I cannot eat much stuff, so I eat mostly porridge, tofu and drink soup.  Poor me.  I will diligently take my medicine and also rinse my mouth with warm salt water.   Besides this, I will drink more cooling tea to cool down my body heatiness.

My Medicine

Now that I am down with gums infections, I cannot eat much so I don't have much meat in my diet and feel so weak. I just want to sleep and rest and to quickly fully recovered.  Will be resting over the weekends and skipping all the Halloween parties.  My health is more important than those parties. 

Happy Halloween everyone and a nice weekends.

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