Sunday, October 25, 2009

Christmas, Food, Drinks and Tidbits

Christmas come early to Orchard Road. 
The Christmas decorations are up now in Orchard Road.

Christmas deco in Orchard Road

My favourite Killiney kopitiam hot tea and soft-boiled egg which I had on last Friday. Yummy :))

I like my soft-boiled egg in dark soya sauce and some pepper....yummy :))

What's inside this packaging ?

Yes it is my cup of hot tea from my favourite restaurant -Cafe Cova 

My hot cup of  pomengranate ruby tea

Bought this tidbits to eat at work
I don't know what is this tidbits. If anyone of you know, please share infor with me.  Thanks.

This is how it looks like from the top view
It tastes saltish

Had minestrone soup yesterday.  Yummy

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone *hugs*

Remember to take Sunday nap which is a luxury.................oh la la............

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