Thursday, October 1, 2009

Drama mama day

Fashionably yours was sick with an upset stomach and diarrhoea yesterday.  Keep running to the washroom.  No company doctor to consult because the doctor himself was on medical leave yesterday, so I was my own doctor - self-medicated. Why must the company doctor go on medical leave when I need to consult him, so dramatic.

I called up another company doctor but the appointment time was in the late afternoon.  Fashionably yours was feeling so tired and just want to sleep.  Thus I decided to take the afternoon off work to self-medicated and rest at home.   I am such a muddle head and blur queen...ate an expired sandwich wonder I got the stomach upset. The last time was took vitamins that has expired one year ago ! 

The diarrhoea has stopped and hoping the stomach will recover soon.  Otherwise will need to consult the company doctor.  Will monitor and crossing my fingers hoping for the best. 

Sipping 100 plus drink now while blogging.   Today is 1st October 2009 which is also Children's Day.  Wishing everyone a Happy Children's Day.  Even when you are adult there is still a little child inside everyone.

Good night.

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