Monday, June 29, 2009

Happening weekends

Another wonderful weekend goes by so fast. Fashionably yours weekend begins on Thursday. A super long and wonderful weekend. Took off on last Thursday and Friday to enjoy a super long weekend. Anyway now is our company's clearing leave season. All staff must clear our last year annual leave by end of June 2009 otherwise will be forfeited.

Last Thursday was a girls day out and girls night out event. Met up with bestie to shop till we drop since now is the GSS. We met for lunch at Hard Rock Cafe, Cascaden Road.

The food is so-so at Hard Rock Cafe but the place is full house during lunch time on a weekday. Find the minestrone soup is too diluted and tasteless. Our foodie pics are as below :

The diluted tasteless minestrone soup

Fish and chips

Our table
My dessert - strawberry ice cream

My cup of hot tea

Bestie's cheese cake

We started our shoppings after we were done with our lunch. We shopped at Forum, Hilton Hotel, Wisma Atria and Takashimaya in the afternoon. I bought a scarf, a black skirt and a Chanel eye shadow. Bestie bought a black dress, 3 blouses and a filofax. That's not bad for a afternoon shopping. It was not so crowded when we shopped during the off-peak hour and have excellent services.
Soon it was dinner time, so we met up with KJ and SY for a girls night out. We ate at Sun with Moon at Wheelock Place. Yummy Japanese cuisine.
Bestie's bento set
My sukiyaki set dinner

SY's tofu bento set

KJ's sukiyaki a la carte

It was yummilicious. We chatted happily while we ate our dinner.

Thereafter, we adjourned for KTV.

We sang till half past midnight then we went home sweet home. Fashionably yours was on leave last Friday so I can wake up late. Basically was rest and relax on last Friday before I headed out for 3 night events.

First event was a farewell chill out for one of my friend at Overeasy. It happened that my second event was also at Overeasy. Same timing and same place, so it was like a social butterfly for me to go from one table to the next table. Anyway was nice chilling out with friends. Both of my friends are leaving for greener pasture in the Middle East. All the best.

Pre-drinks at Overeasy with one of my friends

We adjourned to Zouk and partied at Velvet Underground. As usual, all of us drank and danced alot.

Party Time at Zouk

Just dance

Partied till the morning and was so tiring for fashionably yours that I just wanna rest my tired feet on last Saturday and Sunday. Tired feet badly need massage. Last Saturday had our family dinner at Alexandra Village before chilling out at my bro's house. So many happening events for me and more parties coming :)

Stay tuned and thanks for visiting my blog so often my dear weblogders :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Leisure - Dining and Clubbing

Fashionably yours weekend begins on ! wow ! so happening. Last Wednesday evening, met up with bestie for yummy dinner at Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie at The Paragon. Our foodie are as follows :

Chicken stew
with spagheti

My strawberry shortcake

Bestie chocolate cake
After our dinner, we shopped at The Paragon which is one of my favourite shopping mall. We tried on some clothes but did not buy because not really suit us. Well, most of the shops had closed so we headed home sweet home. However, we will be shopping again soon (this will be another blog :)
Last Thursday, fashionably yours took the afternoon off after wonderful lunch with my buddies. It was a luxury for me to take afternoon nap since I was so tiring. Love it because woke up and feel so much better.
On Friday evening, met up with my friend J-san for dinner at Din Tai Fang at Wisma Atria. It was my first visit there. I had the fried rice with egg and shared the Xiao Long Bao with my friend. I find the food is so-so only. After that we went for a Maskerade Party at House at Dempsey Road.
House at Dempsey Road

Our group picture

Yummy satay

It was fun chilling out with friends at the party. GREAT party, nice conversation and nice company. Fashionably yours still prefer clubbing at Clarke Quay but don't mind to club at Dempsey Hills, which is just at the corner of my house. I find Clarke Quay is more happening and more of my crowds.
Was supposed to meet my girlfriends for clubbing at Dempsey Hill on last Saturday. However fashionably yours was so tired that I just slept and slept that I skipped it. Also sorta don't feel like clubbing two days in a row at Dempsey Hills since I was there the day before.
OMG ! so late, now is 2.30am and I am blogging while I believe most of you are sleeping now. I am so so so sleep deprived. I need my beauty sleep now. Good Night.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Great weekend

Howdy dody my dear friends and weblogders. Fashionably yours schedule is so full and I have been neglecting my blog updates. Pardon me....very happening lifestyle and thus the lack of time to update. Here I go now to update my blog at this wee hour while most of you are sleeping :)

Oh la la....the weekend is over so fast. My weekend starts from Wednesday :) Went out with Ed for Japanese dinner at Akashi restaurant at Orchard Parade Hotel. We were busy talking and enjoying our food that fashionably yours forgot to take pictures. Also I was very hungry that day. I find the food is so-so because I am very particular about freshness of sashimi. My favourite is still Sun with Moon sashimi which is real fresh.

Last Thursday night, met up with bestie at China Square Central.
More under the cut here

Had a great party on Saturday night at IndoChine with great music and great people. Fashionably yours is a happy girl drinking and dancing like there is no tomorrow. Met lots of friends there and feeling so good. Party till the wee hours and slept at 4am. I love my favourite cosmopolitan. What a nice weekend. Life is GREAT.

Darling and fashionably yours
I miss him. He is now back in Bali where he is based.
Please come back asap to see me.

Party time

Sunday, June 7, 2009


The other day bestie and I were at the mall. We saw some men who helped their significant other to carry their handbags. We find it so sissy and had a good laugh at it. Ever saw some men helping their significant other carrying their hello kitty and some flowery girlie handbags. I find that it is so amusing. Don't you think women should carry their own handbags ? If you want your significant other to carry your handbags, might as well don't bring your handbags out. It doesn't look appropriate for a man to carry a lady's handbags, though is just helping them to carry. I don't mind my significant other just helping me to hold my handbag for a second or two while I was busy with say trying a pair of high heels. I will never ask my significant other to help me to carry my birkin and chanel handbags. Cannot trust men to handle properly a birkin, Chanel handbags or any other handbags. They will help you to carry it, then swing here and there, then accidentally bang your handbags, then heartache.

Women cannot trust their men to handle their (branded) handbags and
It is just like men cannot trust their women to handle their cars.
So carry your own handbags ladies, it is supposed to accessorise yourself, not your significant other.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Hot, hot, hot weather

OMG ! the weather is terribly hot, hot, hot these few days.

Feeling so so so sleepy today and I am glad I got through this Manic Monday.

The hot, hot, hot Great Singapore Sale is here. Time for more shoppings. The first few days saw lots of consumer rushed to the malls to shop to get good deals. As the GSS will last till July 2009, I think by July 2009, the crowds may not be there. Who has so much $$$ to spend for the whole period of GSS. Times are bad, so people are spending wisely to enjoy the discounts.

Just now fashionably yours passed by Gucci at Paragon. I think Gucci is having sales now so long quene was formed outside the boutique. I was thinking sometimes is it worth to quene up to buy such expensive branded goods, though after discounts some of the branded bags are still in the thousands series. For me I will not quene up to pay for such expensive items. I am spending money on expensive items, why should I quene up to pay for such expensive items. Louis Vuitton is another boutique whereby I often see long quene formed outside the boutique. I think I don't waste my time to quene up to pay for such expensive branded goods. Luckily my two favourite boutiques, that is Chanel and Hermes, have no long quenes. Thus shopping is such a breeze for me at my these two favourite boutiques.

Time to get ready for bed. Good night everyone and sweet dreams :)