Monday, June 22, 2009

Leisure - Dining and Clubbing

Fashionably yours weekend begins on ! wow ! so happening. Last Wednesday evening, met up with bestie for yummy dinner at Canele Patisserie Chocolaterie at The Paragon. Our foodie are as follows :

Chicken stew
with spagheti

My strawberry shortcake

Bestie chocolate cake
After our dinner, we shopped at The Paragon which is one of my favourite shopping mall. We tried on some clothes but did not buy because not really suit us. Well, most of the shops had closed so we headed home sweet home. However, we will be shopping again soon (this will be another blog :)
Last Thursday, fashionably yours took the afternoon off after wonderful lunch with my buddies. It was a luxury for me to take afternoon nap since I was so tiring. Love it because woke up and feel so much better.
On Friday evening, met up with my friend J-san for dinner at Din Tai Fang at Wisma Atria. It was my first visit there. I had the fried rice with egg and shared the Xiao Long Bao with my friend. I find the food is so-so only. After that we went for a Maskerade Party at House at Dempsey Road.
House at Dempsey Road

Our group picture

Yummy satay

It was fun chilling out with friends at the party. GREAT party, nice conversation and nice company. Fashionably yours still prefer clubbing at Clarke Quay but don't mind to club at Dempsey Hills, which is just at the corner of my house. I find Clarke Quay is more happening and more of my crowds.
Was supposed to meet my girlfriends for clubbing at Dempsey Hill on last Saturday. However fashionably yours was so tired that I just slept and slept that I skipped it. Also sorta don't feel like clubbing two days in a row at Dempsey Hills since I was there the day before.
OMG ! so late, now is 2.30am and I am blogging while I believe most of you are sleeping now. I am so so so sleep deprived. I need my beauty sleep now. Good Night.

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