Monday, June 15, 2009

Great weekend

Howdy dody my dear friends and weblogders. Fashionably yours schedule is so full and I have been neglecting my blog updates. Pardon me....very happening lifestyle and thus the lack of time to update. Here I go now to update my blog at this wee hour while most of you are sleeping :)

Oh la la....the weekend is over so fast. My weekend starts from Wednesday :) Went out with Ed for Japanese dinner at Akashi restaurant at Orchard Parade Hotel. We were busy talking and enjoying our food that fashionably yours forgot to take pictures. Also I was very hungry that day. I find the food is so-so because I am very particular about freshness of sashimi. My favourite is still Sun with Moon sashimi which is real fresh.

Last Thursday night, met up with bestie at China Square Central.
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Had a great party on Saturday night at IndoChine with great music and great people. Fashionably yours is a happy girl drinking and dancing like there is no tomorrow. Met lots of friends there and feeling so good. Party till the wee hours and slept at 4am. I love my favourite cosmopolitan. What a nice weekend. Life is GREAT.

Darling and fashionably yours
I miss him. He is now back in Bali where he is based.
Please come back asap to see me.

Party time

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