Monday, June 29, 2009

Happening weekends

Another wonderful weekend goes by so fast. Fashionably yours weekend begins on Thursday. A super long and wonderful weekend. Took off on last Thursday and Friday to enjoy a super long weekend. Anyway now is our company's clearing leave season. All staff must clear our last year annual leave by end of June 2009 otherwise will be forfeited.

Last Thursday was a girls day out and girls night out event. Met up with bestie to shop till we drop since now is the GSS. We met for lunch at Hard Rock Cafe, Cascaden Road.

The food is so-so at Hard Rock Cafe but the place is full house during lunch time on a weekday. Find the minestrone soup is too diluted and tasteless. Our foodie pics are as below :

The diluted tasteless minestrone soup

Fish and chips

Our table
My dessert - strawberry ice cream

My cup of hot tea

Bestie's cheese cake

We started our shoppings after we were done with our lunch. We shopped at Forum, Hilton Hotel, Wisma Atria and Takashimaya in the afternoon. I bought a scarf, a black skirt and a Chanel eye shadow. Bestie bought a black dress, 3 blouses and a filofax. That's not bad for a afternoon shopping. It was not so crowded when we shopped during the off-peak hour and have excellent services.
Soon it was dinner time, so we met up with KJ and SY for a girls night out. We ate at Sun with Moon at Wheelock Place. Yummy Japanese cuisine.
Bestie's bento set
My sukiyaki set dinner

SY's tofu bento set

KJ's sukiyaki a la carte

It was yummilicious. We chatted happily while we ate our dinner.

Thereafter, we adjourned for KTV.

We sang till half past midnight then we went home sweet home. Fashionably yours was on leave last Friday so I can wake up late. Basically was rest and relax on last Friday before I headed out for 3 night events.

First event was a farewell chill out for one of my friend at Overeasy. It happened that my second event was also at Overeasy. Same timing and same place, so it was like a social butterfly for me to go from one table to the next table. Anyway was nice chilling out with friends. Both of my friends are leaving for greener pasture in the Middle East. All the best.

Pre-drinks at Overeasy with one of my friends

We adjourned to Zouk and partied at Velvet Underground. As usual, all of us drank and danced alot.

Party Time at Zouk

Just dance

Partied till the morning and was so tiring for fashionably yours that I just wanna rest my tired feet on last Saturday and Sunday. Tired feet badly need massage. Last Saturday had our family dinner at Alexandra Village before chilling out at my bro's house. So many happening events for me and more parties coming :)

Stay tuned and thanks for visiting my blog so often my dear weblogders :)

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