Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wonderful Monday

On Monday afternoon fashionably yours was off, so went out with my dearie. He was also clearing his leave. So off we went to UE square for a drink in the afternoon at Lucie Mama. I had a cranberry vodka while dearie had two bottles of corona beer. Nice to chill out with him on a hot afternoon this way.

After we were done at UE square, we strolled to Clark Quay for another drink. We were bar hopping on a Monday afternoon. Well my dearie loves drinking so we started our happy hours so early on a Monday afternoon. On the way to Clark Quay, dearie bought his favourite mixed olive from The Wine Connection. That makes him a happy boy jumping with joy. My dearie is so cute and I can't help laughing at him.

Clark Quay in the afternoon

We were at this place Brasserie Wolf (or something) at Robertson Quay
Dearie's beer

My afternoon tea - camomile
(fashionably yours is quite a British at heart, love afternoon tea)

Love this white chocolate hazelnuts cake
which dearie ordered for me
So yummy and sweet
Makes me a happy girl
Next we bar hopped to Harry's Bar next door

My dearie's favourite beer
Taste nice and I like it too
He drank about 3 pints
Our table
Strongbow beer and my strawberry magaritas
Isn't he cute ?

Us - dearie and I
We had a wonderful and spent quality time together, chatted alot while drinking a lot too. It was raining while we were at Harry's bar. I love the rain and nice and cooling weather. We enjoyed each other's company. Thanks dearie and I really enjoyed our conversation.
Cheers to many more great time together forever with my dearie.

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