Monday, March 29, 2010

Holy week

This week is the holy week which is the week before the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  This Friday is Good Friday which is a Public Holiday.  Thus makes it a four-day work week.  However to fashionably yours is only a 2-day work week because I am off for a few days.  (*grinning*).  Weather was hot and humid yesterday here after so much so for all the hoo haa on Earth Hour observance worldwide.  I think everday should be Earth Hour 24/7.  Let's do our part to save mother earth.  Please don't turn on the aircon though hot weather, just turned on the fan will do.  Every little efforts helps.

Here are some updates on fashionably yours happenings :

Last Thursday had lunch with L-san at shokudo
My tonkatsu curry rice set
Yummy and very filling
Our table
we had the tonkatsu curry rice set
Last Friday fashionably yours was at Ngee Ann City so dropped by to see the Sakura flowers on display.  These 42 stalks of sakura were flown in here from Japan by Takashimaya Departmental Store.  You should dropped by to have a look.  Hanami which means flower viewing in Japanese language.

Beautiful sakura
close up of sakura

Alrighty time for my beauty sleep soon.  Good night and have a great week ahead everyone *hugs*

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Breezy midweek updates

It is midweek today and is fashionably yours off day. I have been relaxing today on this breezy midweek.  Can sleep anytime I like and wake up anytime I like.  Bliss.  Watched a cartoon on Okto just now.  Love this cartoon call Postman Pat.  Nice cartoon.  In fact, I love watching cartoons.  Still such a kid-at-heart (*blushing*)  Postman Pat, guess what is in his bag ?  It is ok to be happy...OMG ! I am singing Postman Pat verses.  Read here for information on Postman Pat

Postman Pat

Fashionably yours put on a facial mask, had some strawberries and sipping my hot cup of Lipton's forest fruit tea while blogging now amidst my lush greenery surroundings.  So much for a multi-tasker.  I can multi-task well but I don't like to do things in haste.  Always do things in smart way and strategically.  The theory of strategic planning. OMG ! occupation hazard again...yes I have a lot of plannings to do at work and is part of my job. 

Some updates on my happenings.  Yesterday went to Ben and Jerry's Free Cone day event at Orchard Central.  There were long quenes but it was fast moving.  I get to taste my Ben and Jerry's chocolate macademia ice cream  in about 15 minutes from the time I quened up.  Thanks Ben and Jerry's for the free ice cream.  Yummy.

The girls scouping the ice cream for us

Ben and Jerry's ice cream - Strawberry cheese, mango sherbet, chocolate, chocolate macademia

Yesterday evening, fashionably yours indulged in my pedicure session.  Loving the shade of OPI pretty and previlege red painted on my toe nails.  I always love red colour. 


Bought Women's weekly - April 2010 issue

FREE notebook
Love this Winnie the Pooh notebook

FREE moist wipe

I didn't know there is a free notebook until I reached home. No wonder it is so heavy when I was carrying the magazine.  Now I can scribble in my this free cutie notebook.  Winnie the Pooh is another of my favourite cartoon.  Honey bunny winnie, loving your honey.

Time for fashionably yours news feeding and fashion feeding on the latest fashion and beauty. 

Take care eveyone and have a nice midweek evening. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Movie marathon and shoppings

Today is my off day.  Fashionably yours have been enjoying my super long weekends since last Thursday.  Yippee....enjoying myself all the way.  Doing things I like and spending ME time.  I can sleep anytime I like and wake up anytime I like on my off day.  Just do what I wanna and enjoy doing.  Love this type of lifestyle.  No hurrying and no pushing around.  Taking my own sweet time.  However I still check my office emails and shooting emails here and there.  It is gonna be busy soon at work. 

I just watched 2 movies this afternoon.  Watched English movie - 28 days and Japanese movie - Dive.  Very nice show.   Fashionably yours just had movie marathon this afternoon.  Well yes I ate my favourite Merci chocolates and Meiji Yogurt while watching the movie.  I enjoyed Dive more compared to 28 days.  Love the soundtrack too. Gonna look for it.  Though they are old movies but is ok for me, as long as I can watch it when I am free anytime I like.  Must follow my pace and not me follow the movie's timing.  Yes follow me, fashionably yours' timing.  

My favourite Merci chocolates 
my yummy Merci chocolates
Now to update my shoppings which I did last week.
Bought the new ZA 2-way cake foundation from Watsons
Yet to use but soon after I finished using my current L'oreal true match 2 way cake
The new ZA 2-way cake descriptions behind the box

Boguht this Appetite magazine - March 2010 from Kinokuniya

FREE Gryphon tea worth SGD12.35

My hot cup of Gryphon tea
Bought AMICA - March 2010
from Times The bookshop
and get this set of Keratase FREE
worth SGD45.00
Last week had the strawberry waffle from Prima Deli

Gonna search for DIVE soundtrack now.  Have a great week ahead everyone.  Cheers :)


Last Friday, fashionably yours went for my company's teambuilding at Orchidville.  It was fun.  We started off with eating breakfast.  The food is yummy and all of us ate so much.  I had the fried bee hoon, cream puff and orange juice.  There are sandwiches as well.  I did not take pictures of the food because was too busy eating and catching up with my colleagues.  

After all of us had satisfied our stomach.  We started off with some warm up and entertained by the organisers.  We had so much fun and laughters.    In the morning, we had baking session.  We baked pizza and muffins.  We divided our team of 10 pax into 2, one group did the pizza and the other group did the muffins.  I baked the muffins.  

The recipe which I roughly remembered :
Mix the egg and olive oil together in the bowl. 
Beat it using the baking utensils.  
Pour in the corn flour, sugar and baking flour.
Continue to beat it using the baking utensil till it form a hard paste  
Transfer the paste into small baking cups.
Add in the chocolate chips.
Put them inside the oven to bake.
At Orchidville
The ceiling
Our table
Baking materials and oven

My colleagues making the pizza
Pizza before putting inside the oven
Our ready to eat pizza
The muffins

Our nicely arranged and ready to eat muffins

The muffins tasted very sweet and yummy.  Love it.  I enjoyed baking the muffins.  Some of my colleagues said the muffins look like cup cakes.  The organisers said ours is such a big group (about 270 pax), seems like at a wedding dinner.  Then we did the yum seng thingy with our muffins/cupcakes.  So funny.

After our baking session, we proceed for lunch.  Had fried rice, mee goreng, fish, black pepper chicken, brocoli, curry, cakes, fruits and orange juice for lunch.  Yummy.  We eat and eat and eat alot. 

In the afternoon, we had our amazing race at Orchidville.  We raced in the sun and in the rain.  We were to perform some activities at each station. Done a lot of walking and the road was very slippery since it was raining.  My team did not win but we had lots of fun and laughters together in the outdoor. 

I kinda of enjoyed baking the muffins/cupcakes.  If anyone of you have the recipes for muffins/cupcakes, feel free to share with me.  Thanks.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Enjoying the simple life

One moment, it rains and the next moment is sunshine today.  At least the weather is cooling and breezy.  Fashionably yours is off today.   I don't have Mondazzz Bluezzz.  Woke up anytime I like after I had enough of my beauty sleep.  Thereafter had a late breakfast of tuna sandwiches and a late lunch of Porridge with some sides dishes of an egg, vegetables and tofu.  It is comfort food since it was raining this afternoon.

This afternoon, I watched the movie The Proposal.  It is a nice and funny show. It is touching too.  Lately I have been on a movie marathon.  Thanks to MIO TV, so I can watch the movies anytime I like when I am free.  Craving for strawberry shortcake and managed to buy some strawberry cake from my neighbourhood cakeshop.  It is delicious and sweet.  At least satisfy my cravings.  Gonna buy some strawberry shortcake when I go to town. 

My afternoon tea treat
Pink Guava juice and Strawbery cake

In fact, my long weekends began since last Thursday.  Oh yes, done some shoppings, retail therapy, movies, lunch and doing my DIY manicure.  Bought some nail polish from the Face shop and happily painting my nails. 

My DIY manicure
My skincare products from Nature Republic
Toner, Moisturiser and BB Cream
I have yet to use the BB Cream but the moisturiser is not bad.  It can at least control oil for about 4 hours and helps to minimise pores.  Love the nice smell of this Pore Laser Fluid.  Will use it for a while to see if I wanna continue it or switch to Clarins moisturisers. I am in search of a good moisturiser for oil control since I have combination skin.  Feel free to share with me your good moisturisers if you have combination skin. Thanks.

So far, I have watched the movie Along Came Polly, The Guru and The Proposal.  Let's see what movies I can catch on MIO TV at the comfort of my cosy loft and at my convenience.  I am enjoying my Monday so far and love the simple life.  No hurry, just take my own sweet time. My pace.  However soon gonna be madness and stressup next month because our company's Financial Year end closing and commencing of a new Financial Year.  Lots of budgetting, forecasting and costing to do for fashionably yours.  Nevertheless just wanna rest and relax now while I can and enjoy every moment of it.  Gonna eat my dinner and apple soon. 

My Apple. 
An apple a day, keep the doctor away.

Have a great week ahead everyone.

P.S.  I find nowadays some bloggers hardly update their blogs on a daily basis.  Maybe twitter has taken over bloggings.  Yes I tweet too but I will try to upate my blog regularly. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010


On Tuesday, went to Isetan to buy my Ettusais night time defense powder.  I didn't know I have run out of my face powder till when I want to use it.  That shows how busy I am with my life that I didn't know I have run out of face powder at the eleventh hour.  One good thing is I am working in Orchard, so is just a hop away to get my face powder during my lunch hour.

My Ettusias acne nightime defense face powder

Spent above SGD60 and get this bag and mirror FREE (from Ettusias)

Today fashionably yours went to The Body Shop Warehouse Sales at Suntec City. It was not so crowded when I reached there at about 3pm, so I shopped happily.  It took me about 30 minutes to get what I need.  Such a breeze.   The sales is till this Sunday. 

OMG ! Suntec City is so crowded because so many people went to the IT show.  It was only a Thursday afternoon and the IT Show is already so pack, cannot imagine the crowds over the weekend at the IT Show.  These few days better avoid going Suntec. Can't stand the crowds.  I saw a lot of people purchased printers and LCD Screen at the IT show.  

After my shoppings are done, proceed to Starbucks to enjoy my favourite drink - Raspberry Blackcurrant.

Starbucks Raspberry Blackcurrant
My purchases from the Body Shop Warehouse sales

Fashionably yours bought one tub of Spa Wisdom, 3 tubs of Honey and Oak Mask, 2 eyeliner, a blusher brush and half a dozen of tea tree oil.  These are what I need. Once I grabbed what I need, I proceed to cashier to make payment and get out of the sales.  I paid about SGD168 in total at the sales.  I am applying the Honey and Oak Mask now while blogging. I really like the emerald shade of eye liner which I just used it this afternoon. 

Actually there are some other items that I want to buy but they are not on sales, so I will buy it at the store.  Besides I still have rebates to use before they expired by end of this month. 

These few days I can smell the burning smell in the air.  Seems like the PSI readings is about 53.  The air is bad and the haze is back.  I am having watery eyes today and just sneezed. I hate the haze and air pollution.  Such a hazard to my eyes and nose.

My long weekends starts today till next Monday.  Yes we are all clearing leave as complying to our company policy to clear all our last year annual leave by end of March which is the close of our financial year.  Thus everybody is busy clearing work and clearing leave now in our office.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Magazines & Freebies, Good cause and hot weather

Fashionably yours bought L'officiel magazine March 2010 issue last week.  It comes with a free Ed Pinaud Quad eye shadow worth SGD59.  It has six colours so it depends on your luck as the colours are not indicated on the box.  The eye shadow are of good quality as currently I am using the silver colour which came free with last year issue that I bought.

The free eye shadow

I have the brown series.
Last Friday MAC launched their Viva Glam lipstick for HIV causes.  They have the Lady Gaga Viva Glam and Cyndi Lauper Glam.  I tried both and bought Cyndi Lauper Glam as the colour suits my skin tone better.  Every cent of the selling price of VIVA GLAM Lipstick is donated to the M·A·C AIDS Fund to support men, women, and children living with HIV and AIDS. Therefore it is spending for a good cause. 

My MAC Cyndi Viva Glam Lipstick

For more information click here

The weather is so hot lately.  I am sweating all the time and my body feel so warm as if my body is on fire.  How do your cope with this warm, humid and super hot weather ?  My two lovers are the fan and aircon.  I wish it will rain heavily.  I feel so dehydrated and so thirsty now, so excuse me, I need to drink some water now.

Have a great week ahead everyone.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy International Woman's Day

Wishing all Women

Happy International Woman's Day.