Monday, March 22, 2010


Last Friday, fashionably yours went for my company's teambuilding at Orchidville.  It was fun.  We started off with eating breakfast.  The food is yummy and all of us ate so much.  I had the fried bee hoon, cream puff and orange juice.  There are sandwiches as well.  I did not take pictures of the food because was too busy eating and catching up with my colleagues.  

After all of us had satisfied our stomach.  We started off with some warm up and entertained by the organisers.  We had so much fun and laughters.    In the morning, we had baking session.  We baked pizza and muffins.  We divided our team of 10 pax into 2, one group did the pizza and the other group did the muffins.  I baked the muffins.  

The recipe which I roughly remembered :
Mix the egg and olive oil together in the bowl. 
Beat it using the baking utensils.  
Pour in the corn flour, sugar and baking flour.
Continue to beat it using the baking utensil till it form a hard paste  
Transfer the paste into small baking cups.
Add in the chocolate chips.
Put them inside the oven to bake.
At Orchidville
The ceiling
Our table
Baking materials and oven

My colleagues making the pizza
Pizza before putting inside the oven
Our ready to eat pizza
The muffins

Our nicely arranged and ready to eat muffins

The muffins tasted very sweet and yummy.  Love it.  I enjoyed baking the muffins.  Some of my colleagues said the muffins look like cup cakes.  The organisers said ours is such a big group (about 270 pax), seems like at a wedding dinner.  Then we did the yum seng thingy with our muffins/cupcakes.  So funny.

After our baking session, we proceed for lunch.  Had fried rice, mee goreng, fish, black pepper chicken, brocoli, curry, cakes, fruits and orange juice for lunch.  Yummy.  We eat and eat and eat alot. 

In the afternoon, we had our amazing race at Orchidville.  We raced in the sun and in the rain.  We were to perform some activities at each station. Done a lot of walking and the road was very slippery since it was raining.  My team did not win but we had lots of fun and laughters together in the outdoor. 

I kinda of enjoyed baking the muffins/cupcakes.  If anyone of you have the recipes for muffins/cupcakes, feel free to share with me.  Thanks.

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