Thursday, March 11, 2010


On Tuesday, went to Isetan to buy my Ettusais night time defense powder.  I didn't know I have run out of my face powder till when I want to use it.  That shows how busy I am with my life that I didn't know I have run out of face powder at the eleventh hour.  One good thing is I am working in Orchard, so is just a hop away to get my face powder during my lunch hour.

My Ettusias acne nightime defense face powder

Spent above SGD60 and get this bag and mirror FREE (from Ettusias)

Today fashionably yours went to The Body Shop Warehouse Sales at Suntec City. It was not so crowded when I reached there at about 3pm, so I shopped happily.  It took me about 30 minutes to get what I need.  Such a breeze.   The sales is till this Sunday. 

OMG ! Suntec City is so crowded because so many people went to the IT show.  It was only a Thursday afternoon and the IT Show is already so pack, cannot imagine the crowds over the weekend at the IT Show.  These few days better avoid going Suntec. Can't stand the crowds.  I saw a lot of people purchased printers and LCD Screen at the IT show.  

After my shoppings are done, proceed to Starbucks to enjoy my favourite drink - Raspberry Blackcurrant.

Starbucks Raspberry Blackcurrant
My purchases from the Body Shop Warehouse sales

Fashionably yours bought one tub of Spa Wisdom, 3 tubs of Honey and Oak Mask, 2 eyeliner, a blusher brush and half a dozen of tea tree oil.  These are what I need. Once I grabbed what I need, I proceed to cashier to make payment and get out of the sales.  I paid about SGD168 in total at the sales.  I am applying the Honey and Oak Mask now while blogging. I really like the emerald shade of eye liner which I just used it this afternoon. 

Actually there are some other items that I want to buy but they are not on sales, so I will buy it at the store.  Besides I still have rebates to use before they expired by end of this month. 

These few days I can smell the burning smell in the air.  Seems like the PSI readings is about 53.  The air is bad and the haze is back.  I am having watery eyes today and just sneezed. I hate the haze and air pollution.  Such a hazard to my eyes and nose.

My long weekends starts today till next Monday.  Yes we are all clearing leave as complying to our company policy to clear all our last year annual leave by end of March which is the close of our financial year.  Thus everybody is busy clearing work and clearing leave now in our office.

Have a nice weekend everyone.

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