Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Breezy midweek updates

It is midweek today and is fashionably yours off day. I have been relaxing today on this breezy midweek.  Can sleep anytime I like and wake up anytime I like.  Bliss.  Watched a cartoon on Okto just now.  Love this cartoon call Postman Pat.  Nice cartoon.  In fact, I love watching cartoons.  Still such a kid-at-heart (*blushing*)  Postman Pat, guess what is in his bag ?  It is ok to be happy...OMG ! I am singing Postman Pat verses.  Read here for information on Postman Pat

Postman Pat

Fashionably yours put on a facial mask, had some strawberries and sipping my hot cup of Lipton's forest fruit tea while blogging now amidst my lush greenery surroundings.  So much for a multi-tasker.  I can multi-task well but I don't like to do things in haste.  Always do things in smart way and strategically.  The theory of strategic planning. OMG ! occupation hazard again...yes I have a lot of plannings to do at work and is part of my job. 

Some updates on my happenings.  Yesterday went to Ben and Jerry's Free Cone day event at Orchard Central.  There were long quenes but it was fast moving.  I get to taste my Ben and Jerry's chocolate macademia ice cream  in about 15 minutes from the time I quened up.  Thanks Ben and Jerry's for the free ice cream.  Yummy.

The girls scouping the ice cream for us

Ben and Jerry's ice cream - Strawberry cheese, mango sherbet, chocolate, chocolate macademia

Yesterday evening, fashionably yours indulged in my pedicure session.  Loving the shade of OPI pretty and previlege red painted on my toe nails.  I always love red colour. 


Bought Women's weekly - April 2010 issue

FREE notebook
Love this Winnie the Pooh notebook

FREE moist wipe

I didn't know there is a free notebook until I reached home. No wonder it is so heavy when I was carrying the magazine.  Now I can scribble in my this free cutie notebook.  Winnie the Pooh is another of my favourite cartoon.  Honey bunny winnie, loving your honey.

Time for fashionably yours news feeding and fashion feeding on the latest fashion and beauty. 

Take care eveyone and have a nice midweek evening. 


Eva said...

Haha dunno you watch cartoons too!

Classiclicious said...

quite entertaining and can help to destress...all just for a laugh :)