Thursday, October 31, 2013

Keep calm and move on

Change is constant.  We need to embrace change, adapt to change and be flexible in life.  We never know what is gonna happen to us so live life to the fullest. 

Fashionably yours didn't expect my right foot to be injured to the extent of torn tendons and torn muscles.  As the doctor has advised me that it may take some time to heal and I need to be patience.  As a person who is so full of life and zest, I am usually very active, it is very hard for me to accept that I have to minimise movements now.  In fact, I am slipping into depression last week because I just cannot keep still and I miss going out and about.  Now I cannot walk too fast and walk too long, if not my right foot will hurt.  Oh yes I also miss wearing my favourite ferragamo heels.  I keep wearing my fitflop these few weeks.

Yes I may have injured my right foot and cannot walk too much. I need to minimise movements in order for my injured foot to heal faster. Thank God I can still work from home. Things are done and delivered in the office.  It doesn't mean I cannot do certain things. I am doing things differently and get it delivered promptly.  Praise the Lord.

In a way good that I can work from home, take it as a drill for emergency and crisis situations.  Example, usually Nov and Dec are the rainy seasons, if all the roads in Singapore are flooded, we still can work from home and delivered the job.  Also another example is dengue fever red alert, SARS, dangerous haze level and bird flu, these are times when staff would need to work from home.  How many of you and/or your organisation are ready for such emergency and crisis situations ? 

Despite my current condition, I tell myself I have to keep calm and move on.  I just need to be patience, be a good girl, walk less and rest well.  My foot will heal soon.  Then I can go out and about to hang out with my friends again, as well as back to work in the office. 

God bless me a speedy recovery.  Amen.

Korean Honey Citron Tea

The other day I was at Sheng Siong Supermarket and saw this bottle of Korean honey citron tea so decided to buy it.  Yum it is so delicious.  I google and found out it has so many benefits. 
The benefits of Korean Honey Citron Tea are :
  • It is great for coughs
  • It helps in relieving sore throats
  • It is an excellent source of Vitamin C
  • It has been used for years to treat the common cold
  • It can soothe seasickness
  • It is considered to have antibiotic properties
  • It also helps in enhancing skin complexion
  • It helps in suppressing fever
  • It contains calcium to strengthens bones
  • It helps in fighting against discoloration
  • It increases blood circulation
  • It increases digestive stimulation 

My bottle of Korean honey citron tea bought from Sheng Siong Supermarket cost about SGD8
Fashionably yours enjoy drinking it after meal. Get yours today.

My foot and my food

Fashionably yours injured foot is making me slipping into depression. Feel frustrated being not able to move around much in order for the foot to heal faster.  Hence I will listen to my body, taking a back seat to rest, rest, rest, rest and more rest.  Despite that I am working from home while my right foot is recovering.  It will be minimum disruption at work and business as usual.  However it is super duper busy working from home. It is not easy.  So many phone calls, emails to reply, meetings to arrange, etc.  Thanks to  amazing technology, nowadays everyone can work anytime, anywhere as long as there is internet access.  Ideally to have VPN - Virtual Portal Network, from the company.
With my laptop and mobile phone, I would say I can work anytime and anywhere.  I must know where to draw the line as I usually work beyond 6pm.  Tons of work to clear everyday. Maybe I enjoy my work too much that I just keep doing and forgot about knocking off work time.   
Enough said about my injured foot and working from home experience.  Fashionably yours need some food to cheer myself up. Yummy food will cheer me up.
Home cooked mashed potatoes

Nasi Lemak which I had for lunch on last Saturday

Back view of my notebook which I used magazine as wrapping paper

Front view of my notebook which I used magazine as wrapping paper.  This is a thirty cents notebook bought from Popular Bookstore
Yummy vegetarian bee hoon

Elle Magazine - Nov 2013 issue. That comes with a free Coach notebook 

Yummy Chwee Kueh

My favourite lip roll on that keeps my lips moistures and shine

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Torn tendon and muscle

Had xray on Monday and found out my right foot had muscle and tendon torn. Doctor gave me medical leave and stated light duty from now onwards till early Nov 2013.  First time in my working life that got doctor stated I need light duty due to injury.  Perhaps I have been working too hard that God want me to take a backseat and slow down.  Hence the foot injury.  In life, most things happen for a reason.

Told to rest a lot and minimise movements.  Have been working from home and not stepped into office for more than a week.  Just now, my colleagues asked me when I am going back to office.  Got things waiting for me to handle.  Guess I need to rest and work from home for one more day. Hopefully by Thursday I can go back to office. My colleagues told me my office desk is piling up with letters.  OMG ! cannot imagine the piles of letters.  Yes have been working from home but there are some limitations and still need to go into the office to settle.

Hope my foot injury can recover by early Nov so that I don't have to see the GP to get referral to see a specialist.  Well shall not think too much on it,  just need to get ample rest and walk less, I am sure my foot will recover very soon.  The doctor said it takes about 3 weeks for torn muscle and tendon to heal. The doctor told me because I am so slim that I don't have much fats to cushion the fall, so the impact of injury is higher than those with fats to cushion.  So sometimes it is a blessings to have some fats in the body.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

My new tea set

Fashionably yours is so happy to receive my new Just a Leaf’s Tea Infuser.  It is the ideal way to enjoy loose leaf tea. This stylish and functional glass mug includes a matching glass tea strainer and lid. This tea infuser is made from borosilicate glass, which is more heat resistant than regular glass. The attractive clear design makes it easy to enjoy the fragrance and colour of your tea. Each durable yet elegant set comes with the mug, infuser and lid.

I placed my glass tea strainer on the inverter lid when the tea is brewed to my desired strength.

Enjoying, unwinding and sipping my hot glass of TWG Moroccan Mint Tea on a rainy Friday night. 

Have a nice weekend everyone.

Foot Injury

Fashionably yours injured my right foot since last weekend. Had tripped in my bathroom kerb and bear with the pain till Wednesday then went to see company doctor. Doctor said I had sprained my foot.  Given some pain killers and went home to rest.  However the pain got worst on Thursday dawn at 4am that it woke me up.  Can you imagine fashionably yours woke up at 4am and sitting in my hall popping pain killers while most of you are zzzzzz......This painful foot also gave me fever.  In pain and having fever is no joke.  I was so tired that I couldn't go to work so decided to see doctor on Thursday since I had fever. 
Went to polyclinic to consult the doctor and was told no need to xray.  Don't think there is any fracture and even if there is, should be a hair line crack. The only cure is go home to rest, less walking and rest, rest, rest in order to recover faster.  So was given two days of medical leave to rest at home plus tons of painkillers. 
Since I am feeling so miserable and tired due to the pain, decided to have some comfy food.  Had my favourite comfy yummy sliced fish bee hoon soup for lunch on Thursday.  It seems to cheer me up a little.
Comfy and yummy sliced fish bee hoon soup
Then I had a packet of my favourite M & M chocolates which lifts my mood a little more.  

M & M  chocolates
After my lunch and M  & M chocolates, had a good rest and nap in the afternoon. So I am a good girl following the doctor's instruction.  It was evening by the time I woke up so I looked out of my window.  Saw the beautiful sunset and took the snapshot below.

Beautiful sky in the evening

Well, fashionably yours is now in a relationship with pain killers because have been popping them since my foot injury.  I know it is bad to take too much pain killers. Will try to bear with the pain and reduce popping pain killers.  I have been siting down too much and having back ache.....sigh.....wish my foot faster recover.  The doctor said it takes at least a week.  Looking forward to that day so that I can wear my favourite and comfy pair of ferragamo heels again.  For now, I have to  wear my comfy pair of  fit flop everywhere.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Strong gusty wind
early this morning
Now is
sunshine after rain

Clear blue sky
It is a public holiday today, so why bother to go outdoor to fight oxygen with the crowds and make yourself unhappy.  Best to stay at cosy home.  Fashionably yours cooked porridge and fried fish cake for lunch 
Home cooked porridge
Yummy handmade fried fish cake to eat with porridge

home boiled luohanguo

Celebrate the simple life everyday

Time flies and it has been about 8 months since fashionably yours last blogged.  Thank you for supporting my blog despite not blogging for so long.  Well fashionably yours is excellent, as usual, doing the normal stuff, such as eat, sleep and of course working.  However am very busy working that I don't have much time to shop.  In a good way is I cut down my expenses since not much time to shop.  Yes I still do shop but only buy what I need and not wants. 

Glad I took the leap of faith in my profession.  Not gonna discuss about work here but just feel that I have grown and learnt a lot during the last six months and counting.  Things that I would not have come acrossed if I had stayed in my old division.  One thing for sure is change is constant.  We must always adapt to it.  If you don't add value anymore in what you are doing, it means time to move on. 

In fact, one doesn't need much to survive, just the basic will do.  Sun, fresh air and clean water.  I am grateful when I could open my eyes everyday when I wake up in the morning to breathe the fresh air and see the ray of sun shining through my windows or listen to the rhythm of the falling rain.  We can be happy everyday living the simple life.  One don't need to own many branded goods or attend the most posh events and parties in town to be happy.  What does happiness mean to you ?  To me, being alive is happiness :)  Simplicity is bliss and I enjoy my privacy. 

Met my workspouse for lunch last week and he told me that I am looking better than last time.  It glows on my face. Yes indeed though my new role has kept me super busy yet fashionably yours has gained about 4kg since moving to my new division for only about six months.  I organised  lots of corporate events and so much eating *LOL*   If anyone of you have any good food caterers, feel free to recommend to me because I am in charge of ordering yummy food for our corporate events.

Oh la la......talking about food at this wee hour. Oh my.....making my tummy growling.  Nevertheless I just had some kettle brand honey Dijon chips which is my favourite. I think my favourite past time is eating nowadays.  Recently there is the launch of a famous donut outlet at Orchard Road. I shall not mention the name here since they are not asking me to endorse.  I find it amusing seeing people lining up before the store open for business.  It is only donuts, don't get too excited.  There are better things to do than to form line. Maybe Singaporean favourite past time is lining up.  They can line up for lots of stuff, such as buying iphone, ipad, donuts, fast food hello kitty, etc.......With so much training on lining up, can they line up properly when boarding the bus and train ? hmm....not so sure on this though hahaha......

Besides working, fashionably yours enjoy cooking simple and healthy food. It helps me to destress.   Perhaps I should blog about my cooking someday and post pictures to share recipes.  Just now I cooked spinach and mushroom soup.  Yummy.

Fashionably yours took leave on Monday to rest and relax, enjoy this long weekend,  Have been working so hard.  Hence glad to take this short break for a breather.  Wishing all Muslims friends Selamat Hari Raya Haji. Happy holidays to the rest of my friends and readers.

Let's celebrate the simple life everyday.