Saturday, October 19, 2013

Foot Injury

Fashionably yours injured my right foot since last weekend. Had tripped in my bathroom kerb and bear with the pain till Wednesday then went to see company doctor. Doctor said I had sprained my foot.  Given some pain killers and went home to rest.  However the pain got worst on Thursday dawn at 4am that it woke me up.  Can you imagine fashionably yours woke up at 4am and sitting in my hall popping pain killers while most of you are zzzzzz......This painful foot also gave me fever.  In pain and having fever is no joke.  I was so tired that I couldn't go to work so decided to see doctor on Thursday since I had fever. 
Went to polyclinic to consult the doctor and was told no need to xray.  Don't think there is any fracture and even if there is, should be a hair line crack. The only cure is go home to rest, less walking and rest, rest, rest in order to recover faster.  So was given two days of medical leave to rest at home plus tons of painkillers. 
Since I am feeling so miserable and tired due to the pain, decided to have some comfy food.  Had my favourite comfy yummy sliced fish bee hoon soup for lunch on Thursday.  It seems to cheer me up a little.
Comfy and yummy sliced fish bee hoon soup
Then I had a packet of my favourite M & M chocolates which lifts my mood a little more.  

M & M  chocolates
After my lunch and M  & M chocolates, had a good rest and nap in the afternoon. So I am a good girl following the doctor's instruction.  It was evening by the time I woke up so I looked out of my window.  Saw the beautiful sunset and took the snapshot below.

Beautiful sky in the evening

Well, fashionably yours is now in a relationship with pain killers because have been popping them since my foot injury.  I know it is bad to take too much pain killers. Will try to bear with the pain and reduce popping pain killers.  I have been siting down too much and having back ache.....sigh.....wish my foot faster recover.  The doctor said it takes at least a week.  Looking forward to that day so that I can wear my favourite and comfy pair of ferragamo heels again.  For now, I have to  wear my comfy pair of  fit flop everywhere.

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