Thursday, October 31, 2013

Keep calm and move on

Change is constant.  We need to embrace change, adapt to change and be flexible in life.  We never know what is gonna happen to us so live life to the fullest. 

Fashionably yours didn't expect my right foot to be injured to the extent of torn tendons and torn muscles.  As the doctor has advised me that it may take some time to heal and I need to be patience.  As a person who is so full of life and zest, I am usually very active, it is very hard for me to accept that I have to minimise movements now.  In fact, I am slipping into depression last week because I just cannot keep still and I miss going out and about.  Now I cannot walk too fast and walk too long, if not my right foot will hurt.  Oh yes I also miss wearing my favourite ferragamo heels.  I keep wearing my fitflop these few weeks.

Yes I may have injured my right foot and cannot walk too much. I need to minimise movements in order for my injured foot to heal faster. Thank God I can still work from home. Things are done and delivered in the office.  It doesn't mean I cannot do certain things. I am doing things differently and get it delivered promptly.  Praise the Lord.

In a way good that I can work from home, take it as a drill for emergency and crisis situations.  Example, usually Nov and Dec are the rainy seasons, if all the roads in Singapore are flooded, we still can work from home and delivered the job.  Also another example is dengue fever red alert, SARS, dangerous haze level and bird flu, these are times when staff would need to work from home.  How many of you and/or your organisation are ready for such emergency and crisis situations ? 

Despite my current condition, I tell myself I have to keep calm and move on.  I just need to be patience, be a good girl, walk less and rest well.  My foot will heal soon.  Then I can go out and about to hang out with my friends again, as well as back to work in the office. 

God bless me a speedy recovery.  Amen.

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