Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Torn tendon and muscle

Had xray on Monday and found out my right foot had muscle and tendon torn. Doctor gave me medical leave and stated light duty from now onwards till early Nov 2013.  First time in my working life that got doctor stated I need light duty due to injury.  Perhaps I have been working too hard that God want me to take a backseat and slow down.  Hence the foot injury.  In life, most things happen for a reason.

Told to rest a lot and minimise movements.  Have been working from home and not stepped into office for more than a week.  Just now, my colleagues asked me when I am going back to office.  Got things waiting for me to handle.  Guess I need to rest and work from home for one more day. Hopefully by Thursday I can go back to office. My colleagues told me my office desk is piling up with letters.  OMG ! cannot imagine the piles of letters.  Yes have been working from home but there are some limitations and still need to go into the office to settle.

Hope my foot injury can recover by early Nov so that I don't have to see the GP to get referral to see a specialist.  Well shall not think too much on it,  just need to get ample rest and walk less, I am sure my foot will recover very soon.  The doctor said it takes about 3 weeks for torn muscle and tendon to heal. The doctor told me because I am so slim that I don't have much fats to cushion the fall, so the impact of injury is higher than those with fats to cushion.  So sometimes it is a blessings to have some fats in the body.

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