Thursday, October 31, 2013

Korean Honey Citron Tea

The other day I was at Sheng Siong Supermarket and saw this bottle of Korean honey citron tea so decided to buy it.  Yum it is so delicious.  I google and found out it has so many benefits. 
The benefits of Korean Honey Citron Tea are :
  • It is great for coughs
  • It helps in relieving sore throats
  • It is an excellent source of Vitamin C
  • It has been used for years to treat the common cold
  • It can soothe seasickness
  • It is considered to have antibiotic properties
  • It also helps in enhancing skin complexion
  • It helps in suppressing fever
  • It contains calcium to strengthens bones
  • It helps in fighting against discoloration
  • It increases blood circulation
  • It increases digestive stimulation 

My bottle of Korean honey citron tea bought from Sheng Siong Supermarket cost about SGD8
Fashionably yours enjoy drinking it after meal. Get yours today.

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