Thursday, October 31, 2013

My foot and my food

Fashionably yours injured foot is making me slipping into depression. Feel frustrated being not able to move around much in order for the foot to heal faster.  Hence I will listen to my body, taking a back seat to rest, rest, rest, rest and more rest.  Despite that I am working from home while my right foot is recovering.  It will be minimum disruption at work and business as usual.  However it is super duper busy working from home. It is not easy.  So many phone calls, emails to reply, meetings to arrange, etc.  Thanks to  amazing technology, nowadays everyone can work anytime, anywhere as long as there is internet access.  Ideally to have VPN - Virtual Portal Network, from the company.
With my laptop and mobile phone, I would say I can work anytime and anywhere.  I must know where to draw the line as I usually work beyond 6pm.  Tons of work to clear everyday. Maybe I enjoy my work too much that I just keep doing and forgot about knocking off work time.   
Enough said about my injured foot and working from home experience.  Fashionably yours need some food to cheer myself up. Yummy food will cheer me up.
Home cooked mashed potatoes

Nasi Lemak which I had for lunch on last Saturday

Back view of my notebook which I used magazine as wrapping paper

Front view of my notebook which I used magazine as wrapping paper.  This is a thirty cents notebook bought from Popular Bookstore
Yummy vegetarian bee hoon

Elle Magazine - Nov 2013 issue. That comes with a free Coach notebook 

Yummy Chwee Kueh

My favourite lip roll on that keeps my lips moistures and shine

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