Friday, January 29, 2010

Ippudo Ramen Restaurant - Mandarin Gallery

Today went to eat Ippudo Ramen at Mandarin Gallery with L-san.  When we reached there, it was not that long quene, so we only quened up for about 20minutes before we were shown to our table.  I like my Shiromaru ramen.  Love the soup base, simple and not that over the top.  L-san had the akamaru ramen which he find abit oily but delicious.  Oishii deshita. I am a happy girl now.  Ippudo Ramen restaurant does not take reservations, so it is a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Ippudo Singapore

Nice Chandelier
Nice deco

My Shiromaru Ramen
L-san Akamaru Ramen with Chashu toppings
Our table
Yuzu Sherbert

The Yuzu Sherbert is on the house because fashionably yours paid using OCBC credit card. The Yuzu Sherbert is very delicious though tasted sour, but I like it.  Had an enjoyable lunch today.  Thereafter we shopped around Mandarin Gallery before we returned back to the office.  I would say we will go back again to eat the ramen provided the quene is not too long.

Fashionably yours is looking forward to part 2 tonight dinner wtih my bestie and our close guy friend.  OMG ! it is so fun fun fun today...TGIF.

Have a nice weekend everyone

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Fashionably yours bought ELLE magazine - Feb 2010 issue

FREE Gift - A pouch

There are three colour namely pink, blue and yellow.  I love pink.  Get yours today before it is sold out.  The pouch is quite big and can put many things.


My sexy toe nails painted in a shade of sexy red

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yogurt, Pedicure and Pie

Yesterday was at 313 Somerset with bestie buddy. Two of us went to eat Yami Yogurt

My Yogurt
Peach with Pebbles Toppings

We love to eat Yami Yogurt and loves to do girlie stuff together.  We had nice girlies chat while eating our yogurt.  Bestie buddy had strawberry with cranberry toppings.  We will be back to eat Yogurt again.

Fashionably yours took the afternoon off.  Went for my pedicure session and had my toe nail painted in a shade of sexy red after the scrubbing, polishing and paraffn.  Love the colours.  Will try to take picture and post to the blog here soon.

After my pedicure session, dropped by Bread Society at ION Orchard to buy Red wine pear pie.

Yummilicious red wine pear pie

I am glad that my gums are now fixed and I can eat lots of food.  I have many cravings and wanna put on weight.

OMG ! I am so sleepy now...time for my beauty sleep soon.  Good Night and sweet dreams.

Monday, January 25, 2010

313 Somerset Basement 3

Was at 313@Somerset this afternoon to explore the newly opened shops at their basement 3.  A lot of eateries.  I remembered I saw the following shops :

  • Eu Yang Sang
  • Yami Yogurt
  • Cold Storage
  • Guardian Pharmacy
  • Ramen Play
  • Tara Sushi or something
  • Old Chang Kee
  • Jolly Bean (My favouite)
  • Bengawan Solo
  • QB House
  • Maggie Moo ice cream
  • Bread Talk
  • Taiwan Shin Lin
  • Hot Tomato
  • Each a cup bubble tea

Quite crowded while we were there.  We love the place and feel the mall is very happening.  I feel my weekdays are more happening than my weekends. 

Last week of Jan 2010

Time flies and we are now in the last week of January 2010.  Have you been keeping up to your New Year Resolutions so far ?  So far I have been keeping up to my New Year Resolutions, eating more greens and being eco-friendly. Will keep going on this.

Phew ! fashionably yours has done so many many things in this month.  Been to the dentist twice - 1st trip for scaling and polishing on 7 Jan 2010 and today is my 2nd trip to the dentist for filling.  Have been having some gums problems and hope it has been fixed today. 

Last Thursday fashionably yours went to the spa for my full body massage, facial and did my bikini waxing.  So rejuvenating and refreshing after the body massage.  Waxing was painful though bearable.  I think I don't have the threshold of pain to do brazilian waxing as of now. If you have done any brazilian waxing, feel free to share with me your experience and where did you get it done ? I salute those friends of mine who did their brazilian waxing monthly.  

Today is also one of my colleague last day of service.  She is leaving to further her Master degree.  Wish her all the best.  Another friend is migrating to Sydney and flying off tonight.  Another one is migrating to New Zealand soon.  Oh many friends are migrating but I love Singapore.  Good security and clean city though sometimes the weather is too hot. 

Oops...I heard my stomach grumbling....foodie time...yes I am going for my late dinner now. 

Have a nice week ahead everyone and thanks for reading this and supporting my blog. 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quote of the week

No guy is worth your tears and
the one who is won't make you cry

Friday, January 22, 2010

Relationships between Men and Women

I simply don't understand some people at times.  How can  they get in and get out of a relationship so fast.  Are they serious or just player in a relationship ?  I see some people fall in love so fast and the next moment they are out of love.  The next few moments they have hooked up with someone else.  I happened to know someone who was still in the midst of processing his divorce but have already found a new girlfriend.  It is absolutely fine to date but don't you think one should give himself or herself some time to get over a relationship before they date someone new. 

From my encounter, I find men are the one who need companion more than women. Men can't wait to find a new partner or rather they need someone to satisfy their sex drive soonest possible.  I just feel that breakups are hard and hurting so in order not to get anyone hurt, it is better to be sure before leaping and commiting into a new relationship.   

It is good to date to get to know each other better before progressing further.  It is a wonderful feeling to fall in love, to love and to be loved.  On the other hand, falling out of love is so heartaching.  Seems like men are the one who will linger on the past relationships and find it hard to let go and move on, compared to women.  Women are the stronger sex in terms character. They get over a relationship faster than men generally.  Let go and move on.  

If you met someone you really like and think you wanna spend the rest of your life with him or her, go after your happiness by all means.  Good Luck.

Feel free to share your point of view, if any, no hard feelings.  Thanks.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Revealing the answer - it is an apple cutter from Ikea. A Christmas gift from colleagues. Showing my apples here

Guess this.......

Do you know what is this ?

Thursday, January 14, 2010


The cure for my eye burst blood vessel is to stay away from spreadsheets. My eye is much better now after a day of rest and applying eye drops diligently.  Hoping it will recover soon. 

Fashionably yours have a terrific day today and I am glad I took the day off to rest my eyes.  Done many things and happy to get my personal thing done today. Something I had always wanted to do and finally get it done this afternoon.  So far year 2010 is good.  Very motivating and no more procrastination, just do it, set your mind to do it.  Basically today is My day, my time, my own pace.....ME TIME.  Rest and Relax...I want it that way.

Someone also make me laughed so hard this afternoon.  Here goes our funny conversation :

He : Does people kill chicken where you live ?
Me : No, my place is not a village. I don't see any live chicken around. All I see is chicken served on table.

Both of us had a good laugh.  OMG ! he makes my day and so sunshine. Two jokers ! BTW my friend is living in UK.

Yipee the weekend is here and mine starts today.  I am enjoying myself on this nice and cooling weather.  Loving it.  I can hear my stomach grumbling. I just had my salad one hour ago but now I am going for my late yummy dinner.  Plan to read a book and magazine tonight with my lighted lavender aromatherapy oil.  Life is beautiful indeed :))

Have a nice evening everyone.

Love at the first sight

Do you believe in love at the first sight ? Will such relationship last ?

I believe in Lust at the first sight. I don't believe love at first sight, doesn't seems to last for such relationships generally. The first sight is more like a nice first impression that lasts. We should appreciate the inner beauty and personality of a person in a relationship than outlook appearance which will fade over the years. Outlook apperance can be deceiving and is only eye candy.  There should be so much more in a relationship between 2 persons than sight.

Feel free to share your view with me. Thanks.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lunch at Shokudo and shoppings

Had lunch with G-san and Lemon-san at Shokudo at Heeren just now. It was not crowded at all.  We had the set lunch at SGD4.80 per set before GST.  It was so-so only.


My Sukiyaki set
The beef is too hard and I complaint to the staff

G-san Tonkatsu curry rice set
Very filling and delicious

Our table

After we had our lunch, Lemon-san and G-san bought each a cup bubble tea. As fashionably yours is not a fan of bubble tea, so I skipped.  Three of us proceed to John Little sales and fashionably yours bought my toiletries enjoying 20% discount for cardmembers.  Very crowded but Lemon-san helped me to quene up first while I went to grab my stuff.  G-san bought two hand towels.  I wanted to buy the mouth rinse but the cashier cannot scan for me as they have some problems with the scanners, so I will go back to buy tomorrow.  Hoping the quene will not be so long tomorrow.

Thereafter G-san and Lemon-san went back to office while I make my way  to the Pharmacy to check it out my eye drops price out of curiosity but they do not carry this eye drops.  Fashionably yours has my eye blood vessel burst so I went to consult my company doctor in the morning after my colleagues persuaded me to see the doctor. I also don't know why my eye blood vessels can burst. It is abit red and straining, so the doctor advised me not to rub my eyes and gave me the eye drops Optovisc which I diligently apply.  The doctor said to be patience to give myself 2 weeks at least to recover.  I only discovered my eye blood vessel burst when I was applying my eye make up in the morning.  Sigh.....

It is such a blessing to work in town because we can eat at restaurants during lunch hour and shopping during lunch hour.  So it is like work, lunch, tea and shoppings.  Work cum leisure...very nice.  I also had bought a nice green blouse at New Look@313 Somerset at a steal of SGD3.70 while I was just passing by the store on my way back to office after lunch.  

It has a sudden downpour this afternoon and the weather is so cooling now.  Luckily the rain has stopped and I am making my way out of the office to home sweet home to rest my eyes soon.

Have a nice evening everyone :)

Lunch time retail therapy

Yesterday the shopaholic in me hit the mall again and had an enjoyable retail therapy at OG Orchard during my lunch hour.  Shopped happily.  Actually just to purchase what I need for my daily use.  The rule applies - buy what you need, not what you want. Budget, budget budget......Fashionably yours bought a new bling bling handphone pouch.

My new bling bling handphone pouch

Besides this handphone pouch, also bought a bottle of Fancl Limited Editon Mild Cleansing Oil which comes in a beautiful pink bottle and a free small bottle of cleansing powder.  This is my favourite make up cleansing it....Lastly bought some lingeries before returning to office to work. 

It was such a breeze to shop because it was not crowded at all.  No quene at cashier too. I really love my new handphone pouch.  Looking at it brings smile to my face.

Monday, January 11, 2010

My 1st week of Jan 2010

1st week of Jan 2010 has gone by.  Now we are stepping into the 2nd week of Jan 2010.  Hope everyone has adjusted from the post festive holidays seasons and the engine has warmed up for serious work and businesses by now.  Have you been keeping to your New Year Resolutions so far ?  Yes fashionably yours has been keeping to mine.  I am eco-friendly and have been eating lots of salads.

My simple home made black pepper smoke salmon salad with with Italian dressing

My 1st week of Jan 2010 was hectic. Lots of reports to do in the office.  Suddenly I was down with stomach virus infections for 2 days.  Then I visited my dentist last Thursday to fix my gums.  I don't like to visit dentist but I have no choice for the sake of my gums.  My dentist is so super good business.  It was so difficult to fix appointment with him.  Finally managed to book a slot to fix my gums.  He has fixed my gums problems, but naughty me ate some hard stuff over the weekends and caused my gums to be painful again.  He advised me to eat some soft food first till my gums are stronger enough to handle harder food.  I think I must be a good good girl to listen to my dentist's advise now.  I will eat porridge, more salads and no hard meats.  Glad I went to see my dentist so that I don't have to suffer the pain anymore.  Next I need to extract my wisdom tooth and I am so scared of pain...another headache.  At first I want to extract my wisdom tooth this month but on second thoughts I think better let my gums become stronger and stablised first then I book appointment to extract it.  One thing at a time....I must be patience.  One must visit dentist every 6 months for maintainence. 

I am glad to be back at work because had lovely time with my wondeful buddies.  Last Friday we went to McCafe for lunch. It was my first McDonald lunch of 2010.  Also I haven't been to McDonald for at least 3 months since my gums infections.

Our table
We had the fillet o fish McValue Lunch set

My hot cup of Darjeeling tea

Now I am feeling much better and resting over the weekends.  I would say I have a good start to 2010 and hoping it will be that way.  I am feeling happy.  Feel blissful and loved that so many lovely people caring for me and loving me.  Guess we should do unto others what you want others to do unto you.   It is all very reflective.  

I was at the supermarket last week and they have been playing Chinese New Year songs, so are the shops.  They are also selling CNY ! so fast CNY is coming soon which means the next Public Holiday is CNY on 14 February. Note to self to shop for some CNY clothes.....Yes time to shop....haven't been shopping much lately.  Must budget also while shoppings....

What's in this cute cup ?

It is my home made cup of chrysanthemum

The weather was so hot over the weekends that I make myself a hot cup of chrysanthemum drinks to cool down my body heatiness.  Refreshing.  One good thing about the hot weather is my laundry is dry now.  So far not too bad, still breezy over at my place.  So it is sunny with some breeze.  In fact, I am enjoying my lazy Sunday lazing around admist the peaceful lush greenery and listening to the birds chirping on the trees.  Life is beautiful indeed.  

Alrighty time for me to have my beauty sleep now.  Good night and sweet dreams.

Have a great week ahead everyone and take care. 

Saturday, January 2, 2010

1st weekend of 2010

The 1st day of 2010 has walked past us.  So how was your first day of 2010 ?  I hope it was a good one.  Fashionably yours had a good 1st day of 2010.  It was happy, sweet and all good.  

Year 2009 was a bumpy ride for me, had some unhappiness and faced a family crisis. Glad it is now over and things are looking good.  I am thankful to God for his abundant blessings to see me through the downs in my life in 2009.  I really do not know how I went through it.  Thank God for blessing me with the strength to let me ride through it in 2009.  I am glad my 2009 ended with a good note and started with a good beginning.  It was sweet indeed.

Usually I don't make New Year resolutions because I don't keep them. However I am going to keep these New Year resolutions of mine - to consume more vegetables and fruits, consume less meats especially beef to reduce my carbon footprints on earth. Use fans and less air-con and use less plastic bags. Gonna be eco-friendly.  Also I want to be more beautiful inside out.  These are practical and achieveable New Year Resolutions which I will keep.  I just ate my salads and fruits.  What are your New Year Resolutions ?

Wish everyone a good year ahead in 2010 and a nice weekend.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

My first blog update for 2010. New day, new month, new year, new decade, NEW YOU! You are reborn into whatever you want. New Life is waiting.

Happy and blessed New Year 2010 everyone *hugs*