Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lunch at Shokudo and shoppings

Had lunch with G-san and Lemon-san at Shokudo at Heeren just now. It was not crowded at all.  We had the set lunch at SGD4.80 per set before GST.  It was so-so only.


My Sukiyaki set
The beef is too hard and I complaint to the staff

G-san Tonkatsu curry rice set
Very filling and delicious

Our table

After we had our lunch, Lemon-san and G-san bought each a cup bubble tea. As fashionably yours is not a fan of bubble tea, so I skipped.  Three of us proceed to John Little sales and fashionably yours bought my toiletries enjoying 20% discount for cardmembers.  Very crowded but Lemon-san helped me to quene up first while I went to grab my stuff.  G-san bought two hand towels.  I wanted to buy the mouth rinse but the cashier cannot scan for me as they have some problems with the scanners, so I will go back to buy tomorrow.  Hoping the quene will not be so long tomorrow.

Thereafter G-san and Lemon-san went back to office while I make my way  to the Pharmacy to check it out my eye drops price out of curiosity but they do not carry this eye drops.  Fashionably yours has my eye blood vessel burst so I went to consult my company doctor in the morning after my colleagues persuaded me to see the doctor. I also don't know why my eye blood vessels can burst. It is abit red and straining, so the doctor advised me not to rub my eyes and gave me the eye drops Optovisc which I diligently apply.  The doctor said to be patience to give myself 2 weeks at least to recover.  I only discovered my eye blood vessel burst when I was applying my eye make up in the morning.  Sigh.....

It is such a blessing to work in town because we can eat at restaurants during lunch hour and shopping during lunch hour.  So it is like work, lunch, tea and shoppings.  Work cum leisure...very nice.  I also had bought a nice green blouse at New Look@313 Somerset at a steal of SGD3.70 while I was just passing by the store on my way back to office after lunch.  

It has a sudden downpour this afternoon and the weather is so cooling now.  Luckily the rain has stopped and I am making my way out of the office to home sweet home to rest my eyes soon.

Have a nice evening everyone :)

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