Saturday, January 2, 2010

1st weekend of 2010

The 1st day of 2010 has walked past us.  So how was your first day of 2010 ?  I hope it was a good one.  Fashionably yours had a good 1st day of 2010.  It was happy, sweet and all good.  

Year 2009 was a bumpy ride for me, had some unhappiness and faced a family crisis. Glad it is now over and things are looking good.  I am thankful to God for his abundant blessings to see me through the downs in my life in 2009.  I really do not know how I went through it.  Thank God for blessing me with the strength to let me ride through it in 2009.  I am glad my 2009 ended with a good note and started with a good beginning.  It was sweet indeed.

Usually I don't make New Year resolutions because I don't keep them. However I am going to keep these New Year resolutions of mine - to consume more vegetables and fruits, consume less meats especially beef to reduce my carbon footprints on earth. Use fans and less air-con and use less plastic bags. Gonna be eco-friendly.  Also I want to be more beautiful inside out.  These are practical and achieveable New Year Resolutions which I will keep.  I just ate my salads and fruits.  What are your New Year Resolutions ?

Wish everyone a good year ahead in 2010 and a nice weekend.

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