Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yogurt, Pedicure and Pie

Yesterday was at 313 Somerset with bestie buddy. Two of us went to eat Yami Yogurt

My Yogurt
Peach with Pebbles Toppings

We love to eat Yami Yogurt and loves to do girlie stuff together.  We had nice girlies chat while eating our yogurt.  Bestie buddy had strawberry with cranberry toppings.  We will be back to eat Yogurt again.

Fashionably yours took the afternoon off.  Went for my pedicure session and had my toe nail painted in a shade of sexy red after the scrubbing, polishing and paraffn.  Love the colours.  Will try to take picture and post to the blog here soon.

After my pedicure session, dropped by Bread Society at ION Orchard to buy Red wine pear pie.

Yummilicious red wine pear pie

I am glad that my gums are now fixed and I can eat lots of food.  I have many cravings and wanna put on weight.

OMG ! I am so sleepy now...time for my beauty sleep soon.  Good Night and sweet dreams.

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