Thursday, January 14, 2010


The cure for my eye burst blood vessel is to stay away from spreadsheets. My eye is much better now after a day of rest and applying eye drops diligently.  Hoping it will recover soon. 

Fashionably yours have a terrific day today and I am glad I took the day off to rest my eyes.  Done many things and happy to get my personal thing done today. Something I had always wanted to do and finally get it done this afternoon.  So far year 2010 is good.  Very motivating and no more procrastination, just do it, set your mind to do it.  Basically today is My day, my time, my own pace.....ME TIME.  Rest and Relax...I want it that way.

Someone also make me laughed so hard this afternoon.  Here goes our funny conversation :

He : Does people kill chicken where you live ?
Me : No, my place is not a village. I don't see any live chicken around. All I see is chicken served on table.

Both of us had a good laugh.  OMG ! he makes my day and so sunshine. Two jokers ! BTW my friend is living in UK.

Yipee the weekend is here and mine starts today.  I am enjoying myself on this nice and cooling weather.  Loving it.  I can hear my stomach grumbling. I just had my salad one hour ago but now I am going for my late yummy dinner.  Plan to read a book and magazine tonight with my lighted lavender aromatherapy oil.  Life is beautiful indeed :))

Have a nice evening everyone.

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