Monday, January 11, 2010

My 1st week of Jan 2010

1st week of Jan 2010 has gone by.  Now we are stepping into the 2nd week of Jan 2010.  Hope everyone has adjusted from the post festive holidays seasons and the engine has warmed up for serious work and businesses by now.  Have you been keeping to your New Year Resolutions so far ?  Yes fashionably yours has been keeping to mine.  I am eco-friendly and have been eating lots of salads.

My simple home made black pepper smoke salmon salad with with Italian dressing

My 1st week of Jan 2010 was hectic. Lots of reports to do in the office.  Suddenly I was down with stomach virus infections for 2 days.  Then I visited my dentist last Thursday to fix my gums.  I don't like to visit dentist but I have no choice for the sake of my gums.  My dentist is so super good business.  It was so difficult to fix appointment with him.  Finally managed to book a slot to fix my gums.  He has fixed my gums problems, but naughty me ate some hard stuff over the weekends and caused my gums to be painful again.  He advised me to eat some soft food first till my gums are stronger enough to handle harder food.  I think I must be a good good girl to listen to my dentist's advise now.  I will eat porridge, more salads and no hard meats.  Glad I went to see my dentist so that I don't have to suffer the pain anymore.  Next I need to extract my wisdom tooth and I am so scared of pain...another headache.  At first I want to extract my wisdom tooth this month but on second thoughts I think better let my gums become stronger and stablised first then I book appointment to extract it.  One thing at a time....I must be patience.  One must visit dentist every 6 months for maintainence. 

I am glad to be back at work because had lovely time with my wondeful buddies.  Last Friday we went to McCafe for lunch. It was my first McDonald lunch of 2010.  Also I haven't been to McDonald for at least 3 months since my gums infections.

Our table
We had the fillet o fish McValue Lunch set

My hot cup of Darjeeling tea

Now I am feeling much better and resting over the weekends.  I would say I have a good start to 2010 and hoping it will be that way.  I am feeling happy.  Feel blissful and loved that so many lovely people caring for me and loving me.  Guess we should do unto others what you want others to do unto you.   It is all very reflective.  

I was at the supermarket last week and they have been playing Chinese New Year songs, so are the shops.  They are also selling CNY ! so fast CNY is coming soon which means the next Public Holiday is CNY on 14 February. Note to self to shop for some CNY clothes.....Yes time to shop....haven't been shopping much lately.  Must budget also while shoppings....

What's in this cute cup ?

It is my home made cup of chrysanthemum

The weather was so hot over the weekends that I make myself a hot cup of chrysanthemum drinks to cool down my body heatiness.  Refreshing.  One good thing about the hot weather is my laundry is dry now.  So far not too bad, still breezy over at my place.  So it is sunny with some breeze.  In fact, I am enjoying my lazy Sunday lazing around admist the peaceful lush greenery and listening to the birds chirping on the trees.  Life is beautiful indeed.  

Alrighty time for me to have my beauty sleep now.  Good night and sweet dreams.

Have a great week ahead everyone and take care. 

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