Sunday, May 31, 2009

Shoppings and Eating

The weekend comes and goes...seems like this weekend is ending soon and a new work week is beginning soon. Well we are about to enter June 2009 and oh la la....we have walked 5 months into 2009. Well the In-thing now is the Great Singapore Sales (GSS) is here. Last Friday was the first day of GSS. Orchard Road was so jam packed with humans and vehicles last Friday. Everyone is rushing in for a good deals and bargains. Hope you had some good deals bought during the GSS.

Last Monday Books Kinokuniya has this 20% discount storewide, so dropped by to buy Her World magazine. A good buy because it has the Laneige skin care set free.

Her World Magazine - June 2009 issue
Laneige Skin Care set FREE

Fashionably yours had a lovely weekend. In fact, my weekend began last Thursday. Last Thursday bestie and I took leave. We went to Color Wash at China Square Central. I sent my Chanel bag for cleaning and bestie sent her shoe for cleaning. It was recommended to me by Chanel boutique Sales staff that I send my Chanel bag there for cleaning. Bestie also recommended me this place as she also has sent her bags there for cleaning before and is satisfied with their services. After we were done at color wash, we proceed for lunch at Hong Lim Complex food centre.

Wanton Noodle stall which we bought our noodle

There were long quenes at this stall.

Luckily when we bought our noodles, it was short quene My wanton noodle

very yummy

Cost SGD2.00
Cheap and good
Afer our stomach are filled with food. We went to the Club 21 bazaar at F1 pit building. We shopped happily there. It was very crowded. We shopped till closing at 2000 hour. We are very happy with our purchases. Fashionably yours bought a DKNY LBD and a Diesel cap while bestie bought an Emporio Armani Jacket and a pair of Armani Exchange pants. It was worth going and good steals. Will go to the next Club 21 bazaar again.
Our dinner on Thursday night was pasta at pasta mania, before we headed home sweet home.
Last Friday evening, bestie and I met up again for more shoppings. It was the first day of GSS. We bought some toiletries & biscuits & tea from Crabtree & Evelyn. Prior to meeting bestie, fashionably yours had done some shoppings at Takashimaya shopping centre to enjoy the additional 10% discount for cardmembers. Fashionably yours bought a pair of Brenda Inc earrings and my favourite Chanel nail polish. We also shopped at Bvlgari boutique as bestie wants to buy the keyring.
We went for our dinner at our favourite restaurant which is Royal Copenhagen. Fashionably yours knew it will be full house, so dropped by to make reservations before we shopped at Bvlgari boutique. As expected, when we returned to have our dinner, the restaurant was full house. Luckily we have reservations and were shown to our table at once. We were so hungry that we forgot to take pictures of our food. It was delicious, as usual and ate till very full.
The weather is so hot these two days that fashionably yours just want to stay indoors and sit near the fan. Seems like everywhere is under constructions now and jam packed with both human and vehicles over the weekends. It is a wise choice to stay in to avoid the crowds and the hot weather. It is such a breeze to shop during the off peak hour when other people are working during the office hours.
Sipping my Crabtree & Evelyn Organic Camomile tea

Eating my piece of rich fruit cake
which I bought from Royal Copenhagen
very yummy except a tad too sweet

I know the GSS is here now and most of you would shop to enjoy the discounts. However please shop smart and wise, only buy the things you need. Don't just buy because it is cheap. Also always check the expiry dates of products you are going to buy.
Enough said for now, Happy Shopping everyone and have a great week ahead.
P.S. Please share with me your good steals and/or bargains you had from the GSS. Thanks.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Specially For Him

We lost touch for almost more than a decade
Recently we crossed each other's path again
Glad to know we are both doing well at where we are now
I am proud of his achievements
I am happy he is doing what he feels happy now
Listening to a song which brought back many sweet memories for the both of us
We used to dance together, go to watch movie and had so much fun
Those were our good old days
How time flies
After so many years, we crossed path again
Yes I am talking about him
Who is he ?
He is none other than My First Love
They said First Love is sweet and memorable
In fact, we are each other's First Love
Love the way he used to look at me and put his arms around me
Feel so sweet thinking about it
Thanks for all the sweet memories
Today is my First Love's birthday
and his First Love is gonna wishing him
A Happy Birthday
How many of you get to wish your First Love Happy Birthday after more than a decade ?
Don't you think it is sweet to be able to do so after almost more than a decade ?
Happy Birthday My First Love
From your First Love
Will we be back together again and live happily ever after ?
We don't know the answer now but
We know we are each other's First Love
Thanks for being part of my life journey and giving me so much happiness
First Love

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Enjoying life

It is the weekend....Hurray....well well well, fashionably yours have been so busy during the weekdays and cannot find the time to blog. Just realized I can only update my blog during the weekend. Am I becoming the weekend blogger ? I hope not. I want to constantly update my blog for my dear weblogders.

The week is kind of happening. Took afternoon leave last Thursday to visit my hairstylist for a new look, together with bestie. I had a hair cut, colour, highlight and treatment. It was very relaxing with the hair massage. Spent about 3 hours at the salon together with bestie, but kind of fun because we chat and laughed alot, though we felt kind of sleepy in between. Luckily we have each other to laugh and talk to, otherwise really can fall asleep during the hair session. I like my new hair style. After we were done with our hair session, we proceed to redeem some vouchers at the customer service counter since we spent a certain amount and entitled us to play spin the wheel game.

We had lots of fun spinning the wheels....spin and spin and spin....Then in total we have 28 tokens. I exchanged 13 tokens for a cute little yellow bear. While bestie exchanged the balance of the tokens for a rubic cube and a note pad.

My cutie little yellow bear which I
exchanged for 13 tokens
to bring him home
What shall I name him ?
Little cutie bear saying Hi to everyone
Please suggests some name for me. Thanks.

We were so hungry after spinning the wheel, so we went to Ichiban Boshi at Suntec for Japanese dinner. Yes we love Japanese food. It was not crowded and no quene, so we were showed to our table once we reached the restaurant.

Bestie dinner bento set
Some beef skewers

My dinner bento set
Healthy bento set
I love the fresh salmon sashimi and chawan mushi

Both of us ate till very full. We asked the waitress will the fruits be watermelon as shown on the menu. She told us only oranges will be served instead of watermelon. I told bestie that they served us oranges instead of watermelons the last time when we dined there. I think they are cutting cost on the fruits because oranges are cheaper compared to watermelons. We would prefer to eat watermelons.
Two of us really enjoying life on a Thursday afternoon while our colleagues were working hard in the office. Our weekend starts on Thursday, to the salon to do our hair, then to our yummy Japanese dinner. It is good to go to the mall during weekdays because less crowded and get better service as compared to the weekends. We don't like the weekend crowds at the malls.
Fashionably yours have a very bad case of throat infections and sore throat. Seen the company doctor and was prescribed anti-biotics on Friday. However still not fully recovered yet. Think I talked to much in the office and worsen my throat conditions. My voice changed too. I want my original voice to be back and the pain pain go away asap. Have been drinking lots of h20.
My anti-biotics

Actually Fashionably yours is supposed to be at the hottest party in town dancing now and not blogging here. I have complimentary VIP tickets to the hottest party in town. However due to my sore throat, I decided to stay home to rest and here I am updating my blog. I miss the party this time but never mind, I must recover asap so that I can go to the next party and dancing the night away.
Now here are some udpates on shoppings in town :
Received John Little pamphets informing there is a 20% off storewide on 27 May (Wed) and 28 May (Thur) for Cardmembers only. So those of you who are Robinson cardmembers can go and get some nice bargains.
Received Tangs pamplets informing there is a 12% rebate on 27 May (Wed) - closed door sale and 28 May (Thur) for cardmembers.
Takashimaya also has 4-day special from 28 May (Thur) to 31 May (Sun) of additional 10% discount off for Taka credit & cash smart cardholders (min spent of SGD10 nett)
BodyShop also have their weekly specials in-store sales, so pop by to find out more bargains. You can also visit their website at to check it out.
If anyone of you have any news on sales in town, please share with me here. The Great Singapore Sales (GSS) is here now, so here we go shoppings. Remember only buy what we need and don't be so tempted by the SALES.
Happy Shoppings :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Friday Girls Night Out on town

Last Friday evening, met up with bestie for a night of shoppings and fine dining. Finally after so long, we went out together again to our favourite place for dinner which never fail to disappoint us. Fashionably yours has been very busy with work for the last few months. Thus my social life is somehow affected in a way. Now that the work front is less hectic, time to paint the town red and have lots of fun in my social life. Time for splurgings, spa, manicure, pedicure, facial treatment, hairsalon visits, shoppings, dine and wine. Guess can meet bestie often if our time permits for more dine and wine, fun and shoppings in town. We had our dinner at Royal Coppenhagen Cafe at Takashimaya last Friday evening. Foodie we ate :

Bun with butter

Appertizer of the day
Scallops served with orange puree & greens

Soup of the day
Potato with bacons

My main course
Chicken breast meat stuffed with herbs and mushrooms
served with potatoes

Bestie's main course
Seafood palatte
Our table

Our desserts
A layer of cake served with fruits

Our tea
We ate till very full on the 4-course dinner. Love all the food served to us. Of course we shopped around the mall. Bestie bought some toiletries while I bought some aromatherapy essential oil. Both of us also bought high heels before home sweet home. Enjoyed our conversations and we always have lots of things to chat with each other. Yes, we will be meeting each other again this week for more fun. That will be another blog entry then.
Oh many birthday wishes keep flowing in since Saturday though my actual birthday is on Monday....Glad to receive so many well wishes from friends all around the world. I am so touched to receive an e-card birthday wishes from my Mr Big. Despite his busy schedule, he remembered fashionably yours birthday and sent me an e-card. This is something which I never expected from him. Thanks Big and greatly appreciated.
Fashionably yours is happy where I am as I cross to the next milestone in my life. Feel blessed to be loved by all the wonderful angels in my life. Thanks for being part of my life journey that I can come this far and counting for more good times to come. Life is beautiful in the past, present and future. Let's celebrate life and enjoy every moment. I love you all. *hugs*
Cheers and have a great week ahead everyone.:)

Friday, May 15, 2009


TGIF....yes the weekend is here. So happy duppy. Fashionably yours has been shoppings and shoppings for the last two days and counting.

L'oreal is having this beauty sale, similar to warehouse sales at Concorde Hotel (formerly Le Meriden Hotel, Orchard) from 13 May to 15 May 2009 (3 days only), from 10am to 8pm. I was there on Wednesday - the first day of the beauty sale. It was very crowded and long quene to the cashiers, but very cheap so worth queneing and buying, discount up to 85%. Presenting my shoppings...............

Mineral eye shadow and blusher
2 for SGD10
Shampoo - 2 for SGD15
Hair Mask
Shampoo - 1500ML
Bought the hair mask and shampoo - 2 for SGD70

Day and Night
Perfect slim for firming and toning
2 for SGD20

Yesterday was Isetan Private sales for cardmembers. Fashionably yours went to buy my skincare products and some lingeries though lingerie is not on discount. There is 10% rebates beauty voucher when you spent minimum SGD100 nett and subsequent SGD50 nett on beauty products to redeem the rebates voucher.
SK II samples given to me

So much so about sales, there is still some time for you to head down to the L'oreal beauty sales today to get some good bargains. They have cosmetics, shampoo, conditioner, skin care and body care products at the L'oreal beauty sales.

Guess more shoppings since Great Singapore Sales is coming soon from 29 May 2009 to 31st July 2009. Check out the website
Have a great weekend everyone and Happy Shoppings.
Cheers :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pedicure and Manicure

Last evening Fashionably yours indulged in my favourite activity. Yes was at the nail spa and had a citrus manicure and marine spa pedicure, painted in a shade of sweet pink by OPI nail polish. It is so relaxing and nice. Love it.

Time for more shoppings now that the Great Sinapore Sale is approaching soon. A lot of sales in town now. Shop, shop, shop and shop till you drop. Good retail therapy but be careful to just buy what you need.
Have a good mid-week.....the weekend is approaching soon and I can hear the footsteps.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Rainy Monday

Hope your weekend was good. It is a nice and cooling Monday. It rained cats and dogs in the late morning. Fashionably yours love rain. In fact, miss the rainy weather because the last few days the weather was so extremely hot. Hope it will be this nice and cooling weather tonight too for a good night sleep. OMG ! it is only late afternoon and fashionably yours is already thinking of my bed. Well, must be the nice and cooling weather that makes me thinking of my bed.

Munching cashew nuts, honey macademia nuts and abalone macademia nuts in the office, which my colleague bought back from Sydney. Nutty nutty days.....yummy.....Just finished my fruits and now making earl grey tea to drink.

Life is good though busy at work. Lots of projects in the pipeline. Guess is good to be busy in these times. Nevertheless take a short break to blog here and now back to my work and drink my hot tea.

Have a nice week ahead everyone :)

P.S. Can smell my lavender aromatherapy which fashionably yours is burning now. Love it : )

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tiring week and so many happenings

Feeling so so so tiring after a hectic week at work. Besides the heat is on. The hot weather can really affect one's mood. Making me feeling so tired and don't feel like moving because when I move I will sweat. Normally either hide inside the aircon area or sit in front of the blowing fan. Hoping it will rain this weekend so that the weather will be nice and cooling.

So many things happen recently, from the H1N1 flu to the arrest of Mas Salamat. First is H1N1 flu spreading to so many countries and affecting people's lifestyle. People are skipping eating pork. Thermometers and N95 masks are sold out. Many places are having temperature screening of visitors as a precaution measure. I have been measuring my temperature three times a day - Morning, midday and evening as per my company's policy now in view of the H1N1 flu. We have to record our temperature online via our company's portal everyday. Need to continue to do so even when the alert level is to change to yellow next Monday, until further notice. Have been washing my hands regularly and thoroughly too.

Last night about 2am my friend who works at the press informed me that Mas Salamat has been arrested in Malaysia after so long. It has been so long since he escaped and finally the authority nailed him down. The news is everywhere in the papers now and most of the people are talking about it.

Yesterday morning, the bus which I was travelling to work broke down half way so need to change bus. All passengers get a free ride though most of us were delayed on our journey to work.

Thank God the weekend is here, so that fashionably yours can rest.....feeling so sleepy now....need to zzzzzzzzzz.............alot.

Have a nice weekend everyone and wishing all my buddhists' weblodgers a Happy Vesak Day.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Freebies and good deals

Oh la la.....time flies and today is the 1st day of May which is also a Public Holiday. Yes it is May Day. work today, rest day for fashionably yours and also a long weekend. Very happy and love the month of May because there are two Public Holidays - 1st May is May Day and 9 May is Vesak Day. Another reason is because fashionaby yours birthday also fall in May and in two weeks time. Yesterday was doing some planning at work and put the date on a document which the date looks so familiar and rings a bell to me. Oh then realize it was fashionably yours birthday so change the document's date :)
The global economy is already so bad and now the swine flu disease seems spreading fast from Mexico to Asia and Europe. Pray that this swine flu disease will be kept under controlled and stop spreading. My company is taking pre-caution measures. Business trips to Mexio, USA, Canada and affected countries are currently suspended. Staff who are not feeling well should seek medical consultation and stay at home to rest. We must take good care of our health by having sufficient rest, exercise, don't be so stress, eat fruits and drink lots of water to build up our immunity system.

Well fashionably yours have been extremely super busy at work in April. So many things to handle and finally got most of it done. Phew ! what a relief, feel happy and have a sense of satisfaction. Actually have been very busy both at the work front and the social front. So busy that really have no time to update blog and too tired to update my blog. At least now fashionably yours can sit down to update my blog.

Now times are bad, so freebies and good deals are most welcome. You have come to the right blog. Yes must bookmark my blog and come here everyday, every hour, every minute and every seconds constantly to check it out for my blog updates. Fashionably yours always have good things to share with my dear weblogders every now and then, so must check it out diligently :)
Bought HER WORLD - May 2009 issue

FREE Gifts - Vichy products

Exclusively from Books Kinokuniya Bookstore Only

More FREE gifts from Her World Magazine

Which I collected them from Metro Paragon

These FREE gifts are while stocks lasts

Did you see the FREE SKII samples ? I was so happy when I got it because it is only limited to 40 readers. I am so so so lucky to be able to collect it. Have been telling my friends that I would like to try out SKII products especially the SKII FTE - Facial Treatment Essence which I heard alot of good reviews from friends. I have used it for a few days and find that it is very good and my face is soft and translucent after applying it. Most likely will be back to the SKII counter to purchase the big bottle soon. Anybody have used FTE before ? Please share with me your feedback and reviews. Thanks.

Bought L'Officiel Magazine - May 2009 issue

FREE Gifts - OLE Henriksen Products worth SGD59 - exclusively at books Kinokuniya only, while stocks lasts

I am not promoting for books Kinokuniya, just sharing with my dear weblogders where to get the freebies with purchases. I think both are good deals and worth sharing here. The best is the SKII samples because SKII don't give out samples at all. I am glad I get to try it out for free and very happy with it. They have gained a potential customer.

OK quick go to the nearest books Kinokuniya bookstore near you to grab a copy before the free gifts run out.

Fashionably yours have another good deal for my dear weblogders.

here to print out the coupon to get 25% off one full price book at Borders. It is valid till 14 May 2009. One coupon for one full price book only. Does not apply to magazines.

Wow ! wow ! wow ! so many good deals I have shared with you. See I told you, you must constantly come to my blog for updates. If you don't you may miss out lots of good deals.

The weather is so hot nowadays and I cannot stand the heat. I wish it would rain cats and dogs. I miss the rain. Alrighty that's all for now. Before I signed off, here is wishing all my weblogders a Happy May Day and Have a nice long weekends. Now fashionably yours is going to sit near the fan (on the fan instead of the aircon to save the earth), turn on some nice music and burn my aromatherapy oil, drinking ice cold beer while reading my fashion magazines.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and thanks for visiting and reading my blog. I love you all. *hugs*