Sunday, May 17, 2009

Friday Girls Night Out on town

Last Friday evening, met up with bestie for a night of shoppings and fine dining. Finally after so long, we went out together again to our favourite place for dinner which never fail to disappoint us. Fashionably yours has been very busy with work for the last few months. Thus my social life is somehow affected in a way. Now that the work front is less hectic, time to paint the town red and have lots of fun in my social life. Time for splurgings, spa, manicure, pedicure, facial treatment, hairsalon visits, shoppings, dine and wine. Guess can meet bestie often if our time permits for more dine and wine, fun and shoppings in town. We had our dinner at Royal Coppenhagen Cafe at Takashimaya last Friday evening. Foodie we ate :

Bun with butter

Appertizer of the day
Scallops served with orange puree & greens

Soup of the day
Potato with bacons

My main course
Chicken breast meat stuffed with herbs and mushrooms
served with potatoes

Bestie's main course
Seafood palatte
Our table

Our desserts
A layer of cake served with fruits

Our tea
We ate till very full on the 4-course dinner. Love all the food served to us. Of course we shopped around the mall. Bestie bought some toiletries while I bought some aromatherapy essential oil. Both of us also bought high heels before home sweet home. Enjoyed our conversations and we always have lots of things to chat with each other. Yes, we will be meeting each other again this week for more fun. That will be another blog entry then.
Oh many birthday wishes keep flowing in since Saturday though my actual birthday is on Monday....Glad to receive so many well wishes from friends all around the world. I am so touched to receive an e-card birthday wishes from my Mr Big. Despite his busy schedule, he remembered fashionably yours birthday and sent me an e-card. This is something which I never expected from him. Thanks Big and greatly appreciated.
Fashionably yours is happy where I am as I cross to the next milestone in my life. Feel blessed to be loved by all the wonderful angels in my life. Thanks for being part of my life journey that I can come this far and counting for more good times to come. Life is beautiful in the past, present and future. Let's celebrate life and enjoy every moment. I love you all. *hugs*
Cheers and have a great week ahead everyone.:)

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