Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tiring week and so many happenings

Feeling so so so tiring after a hectic week at work. Besides the heat is on. The hot weather can really affect one's mood. Making me feeling so tired and don't feel like moving because when I move I will sweat. Normally either hide inside the aircon area or sit in front of the blowing fan. Hoping it will rain this weekend so that the weather will be nice and cooling.

So many things happen recently, from the H1N1 flu to the arrest of Mas Salamat. First is H1N1 flu spreading to so many countries and affecting people's lifestyle. People are skipping eating pork. Thermometers and N95 masks are sold out. Many places are having temperature screening of visitors as a precaution measure. I have been measuring my temperature three times a day - Morning, midday and evening as per my company's policy now in view of the H1N1 flu. We have to record our temperature online via our company's portal everyday. Need to continue to do so even when the alert level is to change to yellow next Monday, until further notice. Have been washing my hands regularly and thoroughly too.

Last night about 2am my friend who works at the press informed me that Mas Salamat has been arrested in Malaysia after so long. It has been so long since he escaped and finally the authority nailed him down. The news is everywhere in the papers now and most of the people are talking about it.

Yesterday morning, the bus which I was travelling to work broke down half way so need to change bus. All passengers get a free ride though most of us were delayed on our journey to work.

Thank God the weekend is here, so that fashionably yours can rest.....feeling so sleepy now....need to zzzzzzzzzz.............alot.

Have a nice weekend everyone and wishing all my buddhists' weblodgers a Happy Vesak Day.

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