Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Specially For Him

We lost touch for almost more than a decade
Recently we crossed each other's path again
Glad to know we are both doing well at where we are now
I am proud of his achievements
I am happy he is doing what he feels happy now
Listening to a song which brought back many sweet memories for the both of us
We used to dance together, go to watch movie and had so much fun
Those were our good old days
How time flies
After so many years, we crossed path again
Yes I am talking about him
Who is he ?
He is none other than My First Love
They said First Love is sweet and memorable
In fact, we are each other's First Love
Love the way he used to look at me and put his arms around me
Feel so sweet thinking about it
Thanks for all the sweet memories
Today is my First Love's birthday
and his First Love is gonna wishing him
A Happy Birthday
How many of you get to wish your First Love Happy Birthday after more than a decade ?
Don't you think it is sweet to be able to do so after almost more than a decade ?
Happy Birthday My First Love
From your First Love
Will we be back together again and live happily ever after ?
We don't know the answer now but
We know we are each other's First Love
Thanks for being part of my life journey and giving me so much happiness
First Love

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