Friday, May 1, 2009

Freebies and good deals

Oh la la.....time flies and today is the 1st day of May which is also a Public Holiday. Yes it is May Day. work today, rest day for fashionably yours and also a long weekend. Very happy and love the month of May because there are two Public Holidays - 1st May is May Day and 9 May is Vesak Day. Another reason is because fashionaby yours birthday also fall in May and in two weeks time. Yesterday was doing some planning at work and put the date on a document which the date looks so familiar and rings a bell to me. Oh then realize it was fashionably yours birthday so change the document's date :)
The global economy is already so bad and now the swine flu disease seems spreading fast from Mexico to Asia and Europe. Pray that this swine flu disease will be kept under controlled and stop spreading. My company is taking pre-caution measures. Business trips to Mexio, USA, Canada and affected countries are currently suspended. Staff who are not feeling well should seek medical consultation and stay at home to rest. We must take good care of our health by having sufficient rest, exercise, don't be so stress, eat fruits and drink lots of water to build up our immunity system.

Well fashionably yours have been extremely super busy at work in April. So many things to handle and finally got most of it done. Phew ! what a relief, feel happy and have a sense of satisfaction. Actually have been very busy both at the work front and the social front. So busy that really have no time to update blog and too tired to update my blog. At least now fashionably yours can sit down to update my blog.

Now times are bad, so freebies and good deals are most welcome. You have come to the right blog. Yes must bookmark my blog and come here everyday, every hour, every minute and every seconds constantly to check it out for my blog updates. Fashionably yours always have good things to share with my dear weblogders every now and then, so must check it out diligently :)
Bought HER WORLD - May 2009 issue

FREE Gifts - Vichy products

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More FREE gifts from Her World Magazine

Which I collected them from Metro Paragon

These FREE gifts are while stocks lasts

Did you see the FREE SKII samples ? I was so happy when I got it because it is only limited to 40 readers. I am so so so lucky to be able to collect it. Have been telling my friends that I would like to try out SKII products especially the SKII FTE - Facial Treatment Essence which I heard alot of good reviews from friends. I have used it for a few days and find that it is very good and my face is soft and translucent after applying it. Most likely will be back to the SKII counter to purchase the big bottle soon. Anybody have used FTE before ? Please share with me your feedback and reviews. Thanks.

Bought L'Officiel Magazine - May 2009 issue

FREE Gifts - OLE Henriksen Products worth SGD59 - exclusively at books Kinokuniya only, while stocks lasts

I am not promoting for books Kinokuniya, just sharing with my dear weblogders where to get the freebies with purchases. I think both are good deals and worth sharing here. The best is the SKII samples because SKII don't give out samples at all. I am glad I get to try it out for free and very happy with it. They have gained a potential customer.

OK quick go to the nearest books Kinokuniya bookstore near you to grab a copy before the free gifts run out.

Fashionably yours have another good deal for my dear weblogders.

here to print out the coupon to get 25% off one full price book at Borders. It is valid till 14 May 2009. One coupon for one full price book only. Does not apply to magazines.

Wow ! wow ! wow ! so many good deals I have shared with you. See I told you, you must constantly come to my blog for updates. If you don't you may miss out lots of good deals.

The weather is so hot nowadays and I cannot stand the heat. I wish it would rain cats and dogs. I miss the rain. Alrighty that's all for now. Before I signed off, here is wishing all my weblogders a Happy May Day and Have a nice long weekends. Now fashionably yours is going to sit near the fan (on the fan instead of the aircon to save the earth), turn on some nice music and burn my aromatherapy oil, drinking ice cold beer while reading my fashion magazines.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and thanks for visiting and reading my blog. I love you all. *hugs*

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