Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happening weekdays and happening weekends

The weather was so hot these few days though it rained this afternoon so the weather is cooler now and can sleep better tonight. It has been so sunny and super hot these few days that fashionably yours don't feel like moving at all because the hot weather makes me sweat so much when I move. Just wanna sit in front of the fan. I actually miss the rain. Thank God it rained just now.

Oh la la what a fun and happening week fashionably yours had last week. Been busy both at the work front and social front. Lots of updates.

Last Wednesday evening met Bestie and Taka-san to see Christian Lacroix the Costumier exhibition at the National Museum. Click
here for the pictures.

After the exhibition, we went to eat at Aji Tei at Plaza Singapura. The food is so so only. We ordered the set dinner. Bestie and I had the curry chicken rice set while Taka-san had the salmon set. The set dinner consists of Chawan mushi, the main dish, drink and fried dumplings.

My chawan mushi

which I like and find it not bad

My curry chicken rice set which I find it too oily
My fried dumpling which I find it too oily

I don't think I will patronise this place again as I have better choices.

Last Thursday, it was star gazing at work. That was because Wang Lee Hom was in my company and most of us want to see him. He came to our product launch of The Sony Ericsson W705 and it was so crowded at our company premises. Enjoyed myself at the launch.

For pictures, click here

Fashionably yours had a fabulous weekend at the Boat Asia 2009. It is indeed an eye-opener, loves all the luxury yachts. If anybody wants to buy any luxury yachts, please contact me because I know the best people in the industry. Will definitely work out something to suit your needs and lifestyle. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Fashionably yours sipping my favourite glass of cosmopolitan

on board Admiral Yacht while enjoying the picturesque scenery of the marina. Cheers :)

For more pictures, click here

Ate my favourite Hazelnut Royal at the Prive Bakery Cafe


Well this week is a four-day work week because this Friday - 1st May 2009 is May Day which is a Public Holiday. Guess all the works have to be done within the next four working days which is also the last 4 days in April 2009, rush rush again but get a day off to rest. Have some events lining up and thinking which one to go many happenings events to attend though tiring. Just want to sleep and rest with nice and cooling weather.

Have a nice week ahead everyone. God bless :)

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