Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hot Hot Hot Sunday

Today is the last day of February and also the last day of the Lunar New Year.  March onwards gonna be madness and stressful at work.  The peak period is coming again...all the things come together.  Well just have to breathe in breath out and do it, one thing at a time. 

Today is mad hot.  Even the water from the tap is hot.  It was really so hot that fashionably yours just don't feel like moving at all. I just want to sit still at one corner with the fan on and stoned there.  The heat is driving me crazy.  The weatherman said it is 35 degree celsius.  Hoping for some rain and breeze.  I can smell some burning smell in the air.  Hearing so many people saying that the haze is back.  Wondering how true it is, but fashionably yours did sneeze, has watery eyes and dripping nose since Friday night. All these has subsided by now.  I am allergic to dust and air pollution.  Hope the haze go away.

Just read the Sunday Times about Kids having spa massage, pedicure and manicure session.  I don't think the kids should go for all these treats.  It seems to rob them of their childhood and making them grow up faster.  Afterall the money the parents spent on these treats for their kids could have channel to some more worthy causes.  There are some kids in some countries who starves and yet the kids here are so pampered by all these treats.  I wouldn't recommend kids to do manicure, pedicure and massage, even if it is just for special occasion.  It is not appropriate and seems to be teaching them to be materialistic at such a young age.  They should be entitled to their kids world and childhood.  Afterall kids are innocent.  Parents should not expose the kids to such things at such a young age.  Just my 2 cents worth of opinion on it.

Alrighty enough said, gonna enjoy the rest of my lazy Sunday before Manic Mondaze. 

Have a great week and March 2010 ahead everyone.

Cheers :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pedicure, Hair Salon, Lunch, Shoppings and very leisure week

Gonna take things slow today.  It is a very hot Thirstday afternoon so fashionably yours rest and relax to chill out amidst my lush greenery surroundings. Feeling the caressing of the breeze on my soft and tender skin while I sipped my hot white tea and watching the world goes by.  I can hear the melody of the chirping birds while looking at my neighbour's swimming pool. In fact, I have early weekends this week.  Been enjoying myself since Tuesday.  Off from Tuesday to Thursday.  Here goes the updates while I am eating yogurt, burning my aromatherapy candle and having my favourite Winnie The Pooh bear by my side.  Here goes my happening updates.....

Tuesday afternoon I indulged myself for my luxury pedicure.  Had my sexy toe nails painted in a shade of pinkish red.  Loving it.
My sexy pinkish red pedicure

It was a very happening Wednesday.  On my way to meet bestie for lunch, fashionably yours fell down because of this man who walked behind me banged into my body at Somerset MRT station.  Both of us were lying on the floor. I couldn't get up for a while, so he helped me to get up. He keep asking me are you ok ? I'm so slim & fragile,so you think I am ok ? My body, right palm are so painful and right arm bleeds abit due to the scratches. I can remember his face, a tall caucasian man. OUCH ! crying.  I am so slim and don't have fats to cushion the fall, so painful. He must be so smitten by me that he didn't watch out where he was walking. This is so drama. I was in shocked.  One moment I was walking and the next moment I was lying on the floor. Some people just stood there and looked at the 2 of us. They thought we were filming. So cartoon.  Luckily I did not broke any bone.  I was so worried last night and began to wonder will I have any internal injury.  Crossing my fingers hoping it is just bruises and nothing serious. My palm was a bit swollen from the fall but now is ok after my bestie gave me 1st aid using ice on it to reduce the swelling. Hoping the aching will go away soon.   I was thinking if I am pregnant and this man banged into me and caused me to fall down, that would be terrible.  Now we have to be careful of the people walking around us, they can bang into us even if we are careful.  After I recovered from the shock, met up with bestie and proceed to lunch at Ichiban boshi.

My chawan mushi rice set

My toufu salad
    Bestie's Unagi bento set

We requested for a glass of ice for me to relieve my swelling palm from the fall from the staff.  It took them more than ten minutes to serve us a glass of ice.  We enjoyed our lunch though by now we are so sick of eating there  Don't think we will eat there again for quite some time.  Time to eat other food at other restaurants.  We ate and chatted happily.  Interesting and enjoyable.  Afterwhich we took a stroll down to Wisma Atria because I need to redeem some vouchers.  The weather was hot, so we tried to walk under the shade whenever possible.  Actually bestie was supposed to go together with me to the salon to do our hair, but she had another appointment, so she will do her hair next month.  Meanwhile I proceed to the salon to do my hair.  Fashionably yours had a great time at the hair salon yesterday though miss bestie company's at the salon.   Loving my new hairdo, so chic.  Will take picture and post picture soon, so stay tune to my blog.  Cut away all the bad luck (since I fell down).  Now all the good luck come to me. New hairdo for the Lunar New Year. New Year, New Look. All the good luck come to me.  I want to win tomorrow night's SGD10 million TOTO.  Everybody HUAT.

After I am done with my hair at the salon, I shopped around the mall. 

Bought  this from SaSa
A cute lipgloss
Mavala Double Lash
The Balm Overshadow
Shopped also at Watson and bought 2 packets of dried guava.  Thereafter is home sweet home.

Bascially today I just wanna rest alot since I fell down yesterday.  My auntie and uncles came to my place for CNY visiting too.  Yes we are still celebrating CNY and visitings.  It is like this when we have big families.  Was nice catching up with my uncle and aunties this morning.  Besides, fashionably yours also accomplished many tasks today. 

Last week, I passed by Nature Republic at 313 Somerset and bought some of their products to try out.  After using their toner for a week, I find their toner is not bad.  I still need more time to try out the sun balm though initial usage was so so only.  Anyone out there using Nature Republic products ? Feel free to share your experience and feedback with me.  Thanks.

Sun Balm (like a BB cream)

Chestnut Pore Laser Toner
which helps to tighten pores and sebum control

Nail Polish

Fashionably your is munching dried guava while blogging now.  Recently I drank Yogurt Smoothies and quite like it.  It has strawberries bits in it.  Nice. 

Yogurt Smoothies

OUCH ! still feel so sore and body aching now due to the fall.  Miserable feeling.  Hoping to recover soonest possible.  Tomorrow will be back to my office to clear some works, catch up and have fun with my buddies.  Afterall everyone will be on weekend mood mode.  From March onwards, gonna be madness because lots of projects in the pipelines for fashionably yours.  Will try not to think about it.  One thing at a time.  

Have a fabulous weekend everyone.  Cheers. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Rest and Relax Life

Phew ! finally done with all the CNY visitings.  It was really a hectic week for me during the CNY week. A lot of entertainment and merry making catching up with one another.  Guess most people will be back to work this week.  Fashionably yours is glad that now my normal and tai tai lifestyle is back.  I want to rest and relax to enjoy life. 

Got to sleep now.  Nitey nitey everyone and have a fabulous week ahead.


Sunday, February 21, 2010


Last Friday celebrated bestie gf buddy J-san birthday lunch at Marche at 313 Somerset with Lemon-san and Seng-san.  It was not crowded while we were there. 

At Marche

Marche Guest Card

Fashionably yours at Marche

Lemon-san crepe

bestie gf buddy J-san grilled pork

Seng-san smoke salmon special set lunch of the day 
My rossti with sour cream

My mushroom soup
My slice of bread with butter

We ate till very full...yummy.  Now I am craving for spaghetti, pastas, salad and the rossti.  OMG ! keep thinking about food.  Well my new year resolution is to gain some weight.  I have been eating alot nowadays and hoping to gain weight.

Yawning...time for my beauty sleep and can keep dreaming about food in my sleep. Nite nite everyone and sweet dreams.

Have a beautiful Sunday.

Lion Dance Performance

Last week was a 2 day working week for fashionably yours.  Yes the CNY week, I only worked 2 days.  The rest of the week was enjoying myself and celebrating CNY.  Last Thursday was my first day reporting for work  in the Year of the Golden Tiger and my company had the lion dance performance at our office. I really enjoy watching lion dance performance.  All of us had lots of fun.  Greeted each other and bosses gave mandarin oranges to us.  Gong Xi....Gong Xi...

Pictures below are the lion dance performance. 

Some of you might have done all your CNY visitings by now.  I still have CNY visitings. Really big celebrations for my many CNY visitings to do. 

Have a nice weekend everyone. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lovely midweek afternoon

Fashionably yours is still enjoying my long CNY weekends holidays.   Yippee ! Woke up late and had some roasted pork rice for lunch.  Well have some stomach upset too, think I over eaten the last few days.  Common to everyone who has been eating and merry making.  Hope my stomach upsets recovers soon.  Just had one pineapple tart which I cannot resist. Yummy.

Glad my Year of the Ox ended with a good note and begin my year of the golder Tiger with a good note.  Feeling sweet and blissful. 

Simply loving this lazy midweek afternoon.  Gonna take things slow today to rest and relax over a hot cup of tea amidst my lush greenery. Nice music, a good book and the caressing of the breeze on my skin. Priceless and so blissful :)) 

P.S. Going for my afternoon nap shortly......

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gong Xi Fai Cai

Gong Xi Fa Cai.  Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year in the Year of the Golden Tiger.  How is your CNY ?  Guess must be lots of eating delicacies, pineapple tarts, goodies, bak kwa and so on and so forth with all the visitings and catching up with each other. 

Fashionably yours place was full house on the 1st day of CNY...non-stop flowing of human traffic to my place for visitings.  Thus lots of entertaining on my part.  It was tiring but fun catching up with each other over food, chocolate brownies and all the CNY goodies.  So far so good on my eating part, I controlled what I consumed.  I am still eco-friendly, eatings lots of green and fruits. 

Due to the festive seasons, I think lots of people are falling ill due to lots heaty stuff they consumed.  The clinics will be full house these few days.  Just take a look at the clinic if you walked past any.  The doctors will be laughing their way to the bank.  Take care everyone and be sure to drink some cooling herbal tea.  Fashionably yours have been drinking chrysanthemum tea. 

This is indeed a long CNY weekends and hope everyone had an enjoyable time. The next Public Holiday will be on 2nd April 2010 which is Good Friday.  Tomorrow some of you are going back to work and back to school.  However fashionably yours is still off tomorrow, so gonna take it slow and enjoy myself amidst the lush greenery to rest and relax after all the CNY celebrations.

I am looking forward to see some lion dance performances which I really like.  For now, let's enjoy the CNY celebrations. 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

CNY Eve - Last day for the Year of the Ox

Today is the last day for the year of the Ox which is also CNY Eve.  I need to tie up some loose end and hereby updating the happenings in the Year of the Cow before the clock strikes twelve midnight.

Tuesday was at Takashimaya CNY fair to do my CNY goodies shoppings.
My CNY goodies purchases
Bengawan Solo Pineapple Tarts and Kueh Pangkit

Bought Prunes and figs
so sweet and yummilicious

On Thursday L-san brought me out for lunch at Sim Lim
L-san Tom Yam Seafood Soup

My seafood soup
which I find is very fresh
Our table
I was thinking to buy a silver eyeshadow since I don't own one.  Actually saw the advertisement from CHIC magazine and would like to try out Pupa.  So headed to Sasa on Friday afternoon to purchase it.  Yet to play with the colours on my eyes.  Will find time to try it out.

My new eyeshadow set from Pupa
Silver eyeshadow set + silver eye liner pencil

My new toy collections
Presenting Winnie the Pooh
So sweet and cute

I like to hug Winnie the Pooh when I soft and huggable.  Looking at him always make me very happy.  SMILE.

Alright that's about all the happenings on the last week of the Year of the Ox.  The golden tiger is coming soon.......The final count down..........counting down......

Friday, February 12, 2010

Eve of CNY Eve

TGIF.  It is gonna be a super long weekend.  Yes the Chinese New Year long weekend.  Today is the eve of Chinese New Year.  Worked half day today since my company let all of us go home early.  Everyone is already in CNY mood at the office and don't feel like working.  Of course we tried to clear our work here and there before the CNY long weekend begins.   Orchard Road was so crowded by noon and we can't wait to get out of Orchard Road.  People are doing their last minute CNY shoppings.  It is also like this during Christmas.  Hope those shoppers got what they want by now from their shoppings. 

Fashionably yours did some more marketing today.  These few days, the supermarket is like a war zone. Everyone is snatching for food and alot of stuff are out of stock very soon.  Luckily I have been stocking up my CNY food since last week.  This morning went grocery shopping at the supermarket again to finalise my CNY marketing.  OK now it is all done and packed nicely in my fridge.  Besides marketing, also did a final touched up for my spring cleaning at home. 

Yippee ! all done and ready to celebrate CNY.  Let's countdown together to welcome the year of of the Golden Tiger. 

Have a fabulous long weekend everyone.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CNY spring cleaning and preparations

CNY is about one week away, so everybody is busy spring cleaning now. Fashionably yours took the day off yesterday to do my long weekends of CNY spring cleaning and glad now all are done.  We are ready for Chinese New Year celebrations now with the CNY deco up in the house.  Feel so drained after the spring cleaning and CNY goodies shoppings at the supermarket. Still need to buy some more CNY goodies here and there. I am so proud of myself because I spring cleaning the whole house all by myself .  Also planning CNY menu and buying all the goodies. I am so housewifey material now.  My next occupation must be a sexy housewife (not desperate housewife) *lol*

During CNY nosy relatives like to ask nosy questions such as :

When are you getting married (if you are single) ?
When are your giving birth (if you are newly wed) ?
When are your going to have your 2nd child (after you had your 1st one) ?

Why are you so skinny ?
Why are you so fat ?
Do you have boyfriend/girlfriend ?

Fashionably yours is spared all of the above questions because my relatives are sick of asking me now.  They know I am independent and capable of earning my own keep, so they mind their own business.  Good luck to those of you not spared from the above questions.   In fact, I look forward to CNY  because I can see all my relatives to catch-up over good food and drinks.  Also the long Public Holidays.

Now some updates on my recent happenings besides CNY preparations.  Last Friday went with my 2 bestie gf buddies and L-san to 313 Somerset to eat Superdog for lunch.  It was my first visit to superdog and I like it.  I had the bacon ripper which is yummy and English breakfast tea.  I am very British because I love drinking tea though I drink coffee too.  I am more of a tea person. 

My bacon ripper and English breakfast tea

After we were done with our lunch, we went shopping at Forever 21.  J-san wants to get a birthday present for her girlfriend, so we went together.  Ended up with fashionably yours bought a coral red necklace, G-san bought some earrings and J-san bought a necklace for her girlfriend and a bracelet for herself.  That is what happens when girls shop together and doing girlie stuff together.  However, we are happy with our purchases.  Then my two bestie gf buddies went back to office first while fashionably yours went to do some banking.  Love hanging out with my two bestie gf buddies doing girlie stuff together but G-san is leaving our company soon, so will miss her.  Then will be just me and J-san, we are the J and J team *lol*

J-san bought this cute thing for me last week.
Winnie the Pooh brush cleaner
Can clean keyboard and monitor.
Thanks J-san
Fashionably yours is taking this Manuka Honey UMF 15 daily now.  Actually bought it quite some time, then forgot to take it.  Therefore now continue to take it.  Are you taking any Manuka Honey now ?  If yes, please share with me which Manuka honey you are taking.  Thanks.

My Manuka Honey

Fashionably yours is now blonde.  My New Year, New Look.

So much so for the updates.....enjoy your spring cleaning and CNY preparations.  I am gonna stay happy and let the positive energy flows into me to welcome the Year of the Tiger. 

Now I am gonna get some beauty sleep.  Nitey nitey and sweet dreams.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dinner at Ichiban Boshi

Last two Friday ago, met up with bestie and K-san for dinner at Ichiban Boshi at Centrepoint.  It was nice meeting K-san after so long, about one year ago since we last saw him.  There was no quene formed at the restaurant when we reached there.  We were quickly shown to our table immediately.  The restaurant was not so packed when we reached there but slowly the crowds built up.  Services were abit slow and seem like they were under staff because they took some time to refill our drinks and we need to request for drinks refill instead of them checking our glasses regularly to refill the drinks.  The food was yummy. Bestie feedback that she finds the food served in town  is more delicious compared to the food served in their heartland outlets.

My favourite salmon sashimi
My bento set - miso soup, chawan mushi, rice and oranges
My tamago sushi
Bestie's soup

K-san's ebi sushi
Bestie's chocolate ice cream
K-san's rikyu icr cream

Actually K-san had chasoba (green tea noodles) and some sushi but he ate them too fast before I could take a snapshot of his food.  Fashionably yours skipped the dessert since I find it fattening.  I am very health conscious of what I eat.  The food cannot be too oily and I don't eat fried food much.  My slim figure is all thanks to my diet :))   After we are done with our dinner, bestie and I went shoppings while K-san went home sweet home. 

We shopped at Uniqlo at 313 Somerset.  Both of us both a +J jackets.  Love the jackets very much.  Thereafter is home sweet home for us since it was late and most of the shops are closing.  In fact, that day was really a Japanese day for me because I had Japanese cuisine for lunch and dinner.  Feel so Japanese :)

Fashionably yours is feeling so sleepy now and I wanna go to bed.  Good night everyone and sweet dreams.