Saturday, February 13, 2010

CNY Eve - Last day for the Year of the Ox

Today is the last day for the year of the Ox which is also CNY Eve.  I need to tie up some loose end and hereby updating the happenings in the Year of the Cow before the clock strikes twelve midnight.

Tuesday was at Takashimaya CNY fair to do my CNY goodies shoppings.
My CNY goodies purchases
Bengawan Solo Pineapple Tarts and Kueh Pangkit

Bought Prunes and figs
so sweet and yummilicious

On Thursday L-san brought me out for lunch at Sim Lim
L-san Tom Yam Seafood Soup

My seafood soup
which I find is very fresh
Our table
I was thinking to buy a silver eyeshadow since I don't own one.  Actually saw the advertisement from CHIC magazine and would like to try out Pupa.  So headed to Sasa on Friday afternoon to purchase it.  Yet to play with the colours on my eyes.  Will find time to try it out.

My new eyeshadow set from Pupa
Silver eyeshadow set + silver eye liner pencil

My new toy collections
Presenting Winnie the Pooh
So sweet and cute

I like to hug Winnie the Pooh when I soft and huggable.  Looking at him always make me very happy.  SMILE.

Alright that's about all the happenings on the last week of the Year of the Ox.  The golden tiger is coming soon.......The final count down..........counting down......

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