Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CNY spring cleaning and preparations

CNY is about one week away, so everybody is busy spring cleaning now. Fashionably yours took the day off yesterday to do my long weekends of CNY spring cleaning and glad now all are done.  We are ready for Chinese New Year celebrations now with the CNY deco up in the house.  Feel so drained after the spring cleaning and CNY goodies shoppings at the supermarket. Still need to buy some more CNY goodies here and there. I am so proud of myself because I spring cleaning the whole house all by myself .  Also planning CNY menu and buying all the goodies. I am so housewifey material now.  My next occupation must be a sexy housewife (not desperate housewife) *lol*

During CNY nosy relatives like to ask nosy questions such as :

When are you getting married (if you are single) ?
When are your giving birth (if you are newly wed) ?
When are your going to have your 2nd child (after you had your 1st one) ?

Why are you so skinny ?
Why are you so fat ?
Do you have boyfriend/girlfriend ?

Fashionably yours is spared all of the above questions because my relatives are sick of asking me now.  They know I am independent and capable of earning my own keep, so they mind their own business.  Good luck to those of you not spared from the above questions.   In fact, I look forward to CNY  because I can see all my relatives to catch-up over good food and drinks.  Also the long Public Holidays.

Now some updates on my recent happenings besides CNY preparations.  Last Friday went with my 2 bestie gf buddies and L-san to 313 Somerset to eat Superdog for lunch.  It was my first visit to superdog and I like it.  I had the bacon ripper which is yummy and English breakfast tea.  I am very British because I love drinking tea though I drink coffee too.  I am more of a tea person. 

My bacon ripper and English breakfast tea

After we were done with our lunch, we went shopping at Forever 21.  J-san wants to get a birthday present for her girlfriend, so we went together.  Ended up with fashionably yours bought a coral red necklace, G-san bought some earrings and J-san bought a necklace for her girlfriend and a bracelet for herself.  That is what happens when girls shop together and doing girlie stuff together.  However, we are happy with our purchases.  Then my two bestie gf buddies went back to office first while fashionably yours went to do some banking.  Love hanging out with my two bestie gf buddies doing girlie stuff together but G-san is leaving our company soon, so will miss her.  Then will be just me and J-san, we are the J and J team *lol*

J-san bought this cute thing for me last week.
Winnie the Pooh brush cleaner
Can clean keyboard and monitor.
Thanks J-san
Fashionably yours is taking this Manuka Honey UMF 15 daily now.  Actually bought it quite some time, then forgot to take it.  Therefore now continue to take it.  Are you taking any Manuka Honey now ?  If yes, please share with me which Manuka honey you are taking.  Thanks.

My Manuka Honey

Fashionably yours is now blonde.  My New Year, New Look.

So much so for the updates.....enjoy your spring cleaning and CNY preparations.  I am gonna stay happy and let the positive energy flows into me to welcome the Year of the Tiger. 

Now I am gonna get some beauty sleep.  Nitey nitey and sweet dreams.


Honeymark said...

Manuka Honey is a very effective, natural healer.

Classiclicious said...

Thanks...yes indeed :)