Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dinner at Ichiban Boshi

Last two Friday ago, met up with bestie and K-san for dinner at Ichiban Boshi at Centrepoint.  It was nice meeting K-san after so long, about one year ago since we last saw him.  There was no quene formed at the restaurant when we reached there.  We were quickly shown to our table immediately.  The restaurant was not so packed when we reached there but slowly the crowds built up.  Services were abit slow and seem like they were under staff because they took some time to refill our drinks and we need to request for drinks refill instead of them checking our glasses regularly to refill the drinks.  The food was yummy. Bestie feedback that she finds the food served in town  is more delicious compared to the food served in their heartland outlets.

My favourite salmon sashimi
My bento set - miso soup, chawan mushi, rice and oranges
My tamago sushi
Bestie's soup

K-san's ebi sushi
Bestie's chocolate ice cream
K-san's rikyu icr cream

Actually K-san had chasoba (green tea noodles) and some sushi but he ate them too fast before I could take a snapshot of his food.  Fashionably yours skipped the dessert since I find it fattening.  I am very health conscious of what I eat.  The food cannot be too oily and I don't eat fried food much.  My slim figure is all thanks to my diet :))   After we are done with our dinner, bestie and I went shoppings while K-san went home sweet home. 

We shopped at Uniqlo at 313 Somerset.  Both of us both a +J jackets.  Love the jackets very much.  Thereafter is home sweet home for us since it was late and most of the shops are closing.  In fact, that day was really a Japanese day for me because I had Japanese cuisine for lunch and dinner.  Feel so Japanese :)

Fashionably yours is feeling so sleepy now and I wanna go to bed.  Good night everyone and sweet dreams.

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