Friday, February 12, 2010

Eve of CNY Eve

TGIF.  It is gonna be a super long weekend.  Yes the Chinese New Year long weekend.  Today is the eve of Chinese New Year.  Worked half day today since my company let all of us go home early.  Everyone is already in CNY mood at the office and don't feel like working.  Of course we tried to clear our work here and there before the CNY long weekend begins.   Orchard Road was so crowded by noon and we can't wait to get out of Orchard Road.  People are doing their last minute CNY shoppings.  It is also like this during Christmas.  Hope those shoppers got what they want by now from their shoppings. 

Fashionably yours did some more marketing today.  These few days, the supermarket is like a war zone. Everyone is snatching for food and alot of stuff are out of stock very soon.  Luckily I have been stocking up my CNY food since last week.  This morning went grocery shopping at the supermarket again to finalise my CNY marketing.  OK now it is all done and packed nicely in my fridge.  Besides marketing, also did a final touched up for my spring cleaning at home. 

Yippee ! all done and ready to celebrate CNY.  Let's countdown together to welcome the year of of the Golden Tiger. 

Have a fabulous long weekend everyone.

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