Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lovely midweek afternoon

Fashionably yours is still enjoying my long CNY weekends holidays.   Yippee ! Woke up late and had some roasted pork rice for lunch.  Well have some stomach upset too, think I over eaten the last few days.  Common to everyone who has been eating and merry making.  Hope my stomach upsets recovers soon.  Just had one pineapple tart which I cannot resist. Yummy.

Glad my Year of the Ox ended with a good note and begin my year of the golder Tiger with a good note.  Feeling sweet and blissful. 

Simply loving this lazy midweek afternoon.  Gonna take things slow today to rest and relax over a hot cup of tea amidst my lush greenery. Nice music, a good book and the caressing of the breeze on my skin. Priceless and so blissful :)) 

P.S. Going for my afternoon nap shortly......

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