Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pedicure, Hair Salon, Lunch, Shoppings and very leisure week

Gonna take things slow today.  It is a very hot Thirstday afternoon so fashionably yours rest and relax to chill out amidst my lush greenery surroundings. Feeling the caressing of the breeze on my soft and tender skin while I sipped my hot white tea and watching the world goes by.  I can hear the melody of the chirping birds while looking at my neighbour's swimming pool. In fact, I have early weekends this week.  Been enjoying myself since Tuesday.  Off from Tuesday to Thursday.  Here goes the updates while I am eating yogurt, burning my aromatherapy candle and having my favourite Winnie The Pooh bear by my side.  Here goes my happening updates.....

Tuesday afternoon I indulged myself for my luxury pedicure.  Had my sexy toe nails painted in a shade of pinkish red.  Loving it.
My sexy pinkish red pedicure

It was a very happening Wednesday.  On my way to meet bestie for lunch, fashionably yours fell down because of this man who walked behind me banged into my body at Somerset MRT station.  Both of us were lying on the floor. I couldn't get up for a while, so he helped me to get up. He keep asking me are you ok ? I'm so slim & fragile,so you think I am ok ? My body, right palm are so painful and right arm bleeds abit due to the scratches. I can remember his face, a tall caucasian man. OUCH ! crying.  I am so slim and don't have fats to cushion the fall, so painful. He must be so smitten by me that he didn't watch out where he was walking. This is so drama. I was in shocked.  One moment I was walking and the next moment I was lying on the floor. Some people just stood there and looked at the 2 of us. They thought we were filming. So cartoon.  Luckily I did not broke any bone.  I was so worried last night and began to wonder will I have any internal injury.  Crossing my fingers hoping it is just bruises and nothing serious. My palm was a bit swollen from the fall but now is ok after my bestie gave me 1st aid using ice on it to reduce the swelling. Hoping the aching will go away soon.   I was thinking if I am pregnant and this man banged into me and caused me to fall down, that would be terrible.  Now we have to be careful of the people walking around us, they can bang into us even if we are careful.  After I recovered from the shock, met up with bestie and proceed to lunch at Ichiban boshi.

My chawan mushi rice set

My toufu salad
    Bestie's Unagi bento set

We requested for a glass of ice for me to relieve my swelling palm from the fall from the staff.  It took them more than ten minutes to serve us a glass of ice.  We enjoyed our lunch though by now we are so sick of eating there  Don't think we will eat there again for quite some time.  Time to eat other food at other restaurants.  We ate and chatted happily.  Interesting and enjoyable.  Afterwhich we took a stroll down to Wisma Atria because I need to redeem some vouchers.  The weather was hot, so we tried to walk under the shade whenever possible.  Actually bestie was supposed to go together with me to the salon to do our hair, but she had another appointment, so she will do her hair next month.  Meanwhile I proceed to the salon to do my hair.  Fashionably yours had a great time at the hair salon yesterday though miss bestie company's at the salon.   Loving my new hairdo, so chic.  Will take picture and post picture soon, so stay tune to my blog.  Cut away all the bad luck (since I fell down).  Now all the good luck come to me. New hairdo for the Lunar New Year. New Year, New Look. All the good luck come to me.  I want to win tomorrow night's SGD10 million TOTO.  Everybody HUAT.

After I am done with my hair at the salon, I shopped around the mall. 

Bought  this from SaSa
A cute lipgloss
Mavala Double Lash
The Balm Overshadow
Shopped also at Watson and bought 2 packets of dried guava.  Thereafter is home sweet home.

Bascially today I just wanna rest alot since I fell down yesterday.  My auntie and uncles came to my place for CNY visiting too.  Yes we are still celebrating CNY and visitings.  It is like this when we have big families.  Was nice catching up with my uncle and aunties this morning.  Besides, fashionably yours also accomplished many tasks today. 

Last week, I passed by Nature Republic at 313 Somerset and bought some of their products to try out.  After using their toner for a week, I find their toner is not bad.  I still need more time to try out the sun balm though initial usage was so so only.  Anyone out there using Nature Republic products ? Feel free to share your experience and feedback with me.  Thanks.

Sun Balm (like a BB cream)

Chestnut Pore Laser Toner
which helps to tighten pores and sebum control

Nail Polish

Fashionably your is munching dried guava while blogging now.  Recently I drank Yogurt Smoothies and quite like it.  It has strawberries bits in it.  Nice. 

Yogurt Smoothies

OUCH ! still feel so sore and body aching now due to the fall.  Miserable feeling.  Hoping to recover soonest possible.  Tomorrow will be back to my office to clear some works, catch up and have fun with my buddies.  Afterall everyone will be on weekend mood mode.  From March onwards, gonna be madness because lots of projects in the pipelines for fashionably yours.  Will try not to think about it.  One thing at a time.  

Have a fabulous weekend everyone.  Cheers. 

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