Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dinner at Marina Bay Sands - Beanstro

Initially a few of us want to dine at Ku De Ta on Monday night but was fully booked. We had to walk around the mall at MBS to look for restaurants and most are fully booked too. In the end, some of the friends went to eat at the food court at MBS. However bestie and I went to dine at Beanstro, a cafe by the Coffee Bean and Tea. It was the only place that we can find that still has seats for us at about 8pm dinner. Bravo :))

We quickly ordered our food as we were famished from all the walkings at MBS. We had the Christmas special - Roast Lamb Leg which fashionably yours find it abit cold but still ok. We also had their Christmas cakes - Linzer and Florentine fruit cake. I like the Linzer cake because it has my favourite strawberry on top of the cake. I love to eat cakes. We drank the swedish berries tea which according to the waitress is their best selling tea.
Shortly after we had our dinner, our two girlfriends - KJ-san and SY-san joined us for drinks here while we chit chat the night away before we head home sweet home.
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Marina Bay Sands - 27 Dec 2010

Fashionably yours was at Marina Bay Sands on Monday. Met up with bestie and friends to go to MBS. I enjoyed myself at the skypark. I was like a little girl jumping up and down so excited at the skypark, taking lots of pictures. The view is spectacular from the skypark. Very cooling. Love it there.

The skypark is at 57 floor. We wanted to dine at Ku De Ta but was fully booked, so disappointed. I will be back to dine and/or club at Ku De Ta someday.

After the skypark, we walked around the shoping malls to look for restaurant for dinner. Most restaurants were fully booked. Finally bestie and I found Beanstro which has seat for us (will blog in another post).

There is an ice skating rink at mbs besides the casino. Alot of luxury shops and saw the small river for gondola inside the mall. The mall is pretty quiet and I wonder how these retailers are going to survive.

If you have an afternonn to whirl time away, you can go to shopping mall at MBS to shop. It is advisable to make reservations at the restaurants. The food there mostly are exorbitant priced, so be prepared to pay for expensive foods.

Fashionably yours is a member of MBS now which I applied at the concierge. Membership can earn points and get discounts for some entertainments at MBS.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas deco at Mandarin Gallery, Paragon and Ngee Ann City

Fashionably yours walked along Orchard road and saw this Christmas deco at Mandarin Gallery. It is so cute that I must take pictures. The sheeps are so fat that L-san called them body builder sheep. The cows are so thin that can see the ribs as what K-san told me. We all had a good laugh. However I find the deco is very nice, cute and like it. I like to see the fat sheeps.

I prefer the Christmas deco at Marina area than the Orchard area. The Christmas deco at Orchard Road seems like Deepavali deco.

Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011.

Happy Holidays.
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Had lunch with J-san, K-san and L-san last week at Cineleisure. We had Pontian Wanton noodles. They have Set A and Set B. Set A is the wanton noodles served with hot desserts while Set B is the wanton noodles served with a glass of cold drink. Each set cost SGD4.50.

First you quene up to order your noodles, then they will give you a number. When your number is flashed on the flash board, you go to collect your noodles. Fashionably yours told them the systems is similar like seeing doctor, must wait for number to be called to collect your food.

You can add noodles for 50cents if you want to eat more. Usually guys will add noodles. It is just nice for me so far. 2 weeks ago, while we were there, the hot dessert served was barley gingko nuts which is my favoruite. They usually have red beans and green bean soup which I took the mixed green and red bean soup this time round.
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Sunday, December 26, 2010


Was shopping at The Body Shop card member preview sales a few weeks ago.

Bought about SGD120 and can get a gift worth about SGD77.
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Magazines and Freebies

Bought Simply Her Magazine at Books Kinokuniya and has the free bag organiser.

It has three colours - red, biege and black. Fashionably yours chose the red bag organiser.

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Magazines and Freebies

Bought this L'officiel magazine last few months from books Kinokuniya
Obtained a FREE shower gel - Lavender worth about SGD40

Credit goes to my colleague J-san who helped me to buy this magazine. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Surrender your bra for a good cause

Howdy dody.  How is everyone doing ?  Hope you are doing good.  Thanks for supporting my blog and reading it here regularly despite me not blogging for quite some time.  Will try to find time to blog as much as I can.  Feels good to be back here blogging now.  

This is the last weekend before Christmas.  Christmas is a time of giving and it is a blessing to be able to give.  Well let's not forget the less fortunate while celebrating Christmas.  Fashionably yours has just donated 7 bras to Surrender your bra for a good cause.  Yes you can do your part too, ladies. 

CozyCot has this campaign to surrender your bra for a good cause.  This is to help those less fortunate sisters in Southeast Asia.  Nicole Yee, Founder of CozyCot said: "There are many disadvantaged teens from countries like Bali and Cambodia, they live in very poor conditions and are badly in need of basic necessities which we, in Singapore, often take for granted. Giving a bra costs us nothing, but means a world of difference to another woman."

Ladies, you can donate your bra by bringing it to CozyCot at Orchard Central, #02-24/25 by 31 Dec 2010.  It may not mean alot to you but it means alot to those receiving it.  Afterall it is all for a good cause.  Targeted to collect 1000 bras.

For more information, click here
Ladies, you can make a difference to someone's life. Let's contine to do good deed and pass forward the kindness.