Monday, December 27, 2010


Had lunch with J-san, K-san and L-san last week at Cineleisure. We had Pontian Wanton noodles. They have Set A and Set B. Set A is the wanton noodles served with hot desserts while Set B is the wanton noodles served with a glass of cold drink. Each set cost SGD4.50.

First you quene up to order your noodles, then they will give you a number. When your number is flashed on the flash board, you go to collect your noodles. Fashionably yours told them the systems is similar like seeing doctor, must wait for number to be called to collect your food.

You can add noodles for 50cents if you want to eat more. Usually guys will add noodles. It is just nice for me so far. 2 weeks ago, while we were there, the hot dessert served was barley gingko nuts which is my favoruite. They usually have red beans and green bean soup which I took the mixed green and red bean soup this time round.
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