Saturday, December 18, 2010

Surrender your bra for a good cause

Howdy dody.  How is everyone doing ?  Hope you are doing good.  Thanks for supporting my blog and reading it here regularly despite me not blogging for quite some time.  Will try to find time to blog as much as I can.  Feels good to be back here blogging now.  

This is the last weekend before Christmas.  Christmas is a time of giving and it is a blessing to be able to give.  Well let's not forget the less fortunate while celebrating Christmas.  Fashionably yours has just donated 7 bras to Surrender your bra for a good cause.  Yes you can do your part too, ladies. 

CozyCot has this campaign to surrender your bra for a good cause.  This is to help those less fortunate sisters in Southeast Asia.  Nicole Yee, Founder of CozyCot said: "There are many disadvantaged teens from countries like Bali and Cambodia, they live in very poor conditions and are badly in need of basic necessities which we, in Singapore, often take for granted. Giving a bra costs us nothing, but means a world of difference to another woman."

Ladies, you can donate your bra by bringing it to CozyCot at Orchard Central, #02-24/25 by 31 Dec 2010.  It may not mean alot to you but it means alot to those receiving it.  Afterall it is all for a good cause.  Targeted to collect 1000 bras.

For more information, click here
Ladies, you can make a difference to someone's life. Let's contine to do good deed and pass forward the kindness.

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