Sunday, January 9, 2011

My 1st week of 2011

Fashionably yours worked very hard and shopped very hard in the 1st week of 2011.  Work was very busy and have been working till very late at night.  Only get to go home from work when the moon was out last week. It has been a hectic week at work last week and feel so tiring. Thank God I have a good rest this weekend.  Last Friday was the first time in 2011 that I went home early while the sky was still bright and that makes me very happy.  I must try to go home from work while the sky is still bright often. 

Have been doing my lunch time retail therapy last week.  Shopping happily online and at the malls.  Bought heels, flats, dresses, supplementaries, toiletries and food.  Guess my CNY clothes and shoes are settled.  Have you bought your CNY clothes and shoes/heels ?  Better shop early to avoid disappointment such as don't have your sizes.  Now next on the list is to shop for CNY goodies such as pineapple tarts, sweets, love letters, etc.....I wanna shop at Takashimaya CNY fest which I think will begin this Thursday.

Now fashionably yours is sipping my hot cup of camomile tea while blogging.  Bliss.

Have a good week ahead everyone and happy shopping for CNY.

Cheers :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Loots from Japan and Ice Cream

Thanks to bestie who brought these back from Japan for me:)

1) MISS magazines come with a free coach scarf
2) Fancl washing powders and MCO

Click here for pictures of the Loot from Japan

Enjoy eating my favourite Haagen Dasz ice cream.

1) Strawberry
2) A pint of macadamia nuts ice cream

Click here for Haagen Dasz ice cream pictures


Magazines and Freebies

Bought Women's Weekly magazine from Books Kinokuniya and obtained the Lancaster freebies worth SGD100.

Click here for pictures

Dinner at Fish and Co - 22 December 2010

On 22nd December 2010, went to have a new hair do with bestie at Suntec City. We spent about 4 hours at the salon. Of course, we chit chat happily while the hair stylist did our hair. Nice to do our hair together.
After our hair are done, we were famished so we went for dinner at Fish & Co. They have the ladies night promotion 1 for 1 after 6pm. We are so lucky. We didn't know this promotion till we were at Fish & Co.

Fashionably yours had the cream chowder soup, pouched mussels in tomato broth spaghetti and passion fruit juice. Bestie had the baked cod in miso sauce, english breakfast tea and cake.

Their services are good and very attentive. The pouched mussels in totmato broth spaghett was so spicy that even the waitress noticed I have difficulty eating it. She volunteered to ask the chef to change the broth to a non spicy one for me. I was elated. It was wonderful. Bestie said the cod fish is not as fresh as those in Japan and the cake is abit too sweet.  Nevertheless, we ate till very full though I did not finished eating the spagheti as it was too much for me.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Shoppings and Dinner

Shopping happily on Wednesday with bestie.  Shopaholics at the malls. It was also Isetan Private Sales.  Met bestie at Isetan Scotts.  She bought toys for her nephews while fashionably yours bought a new pair of Guess shades.  My last shade was bought a few years ago, so time for me to buy a new pair for the new decade 2011. 

Thereafter we shopped at Wisma Atria.  Fashionably yours bought some toiletries (masks and sunblock)from The Body Shop.  Also bought a new blouse from my favourite Bebe boutique and two sexy long maxi dresses from a shop in basement 1. 

We had dinner at our favourite restaurant - Royal Copenhagen at Takashimaya shopping centre level 2.  The staff there recognise us since we are regulars there.  It feels like we are at our 2nd home, feels very welcome, comfortable and warmth. 

Click here for our dinner at Royal Copenhagen post and pictures

After we had our dinner, we continue shoppings at Takashimaya and Watsons.  Fashionably yours bought some vitamins from Watsons before we call it a night and head home sweet home. 

Feel very happy with my shoppings and dinner.   

1st post of 2011 on 1.1.11 - Happy New Year 2011

Howdy dody ?  1st post of 2011. So first thing first, here's wishing everyone a very Happy and Blessed 2011.