Sunday, January 2, 2011

Dinner at Fish and Co - 22 December 2010

On 22nd December 2010, went to have a new hair do with bestie at Suntec City. We spent about 4 hours at the salon. Of course, we chit chat happily while the hair stylist did our hair. Nice to do our hair together.
After our hair are done, we were famished so we went for dinner at Fish & Co. They have the ladies night promotion 1 for 1 after 6pm. We are so lucky. We didn't know this promotion till we were at Fish & Co.

Fashionably yours had the cream chowder soup, pouched mussels in tomato broth spaghetti and passion fruit juice. Bestie had the baked cod in miso sauce, english breakfast tea and cake.

Their services are good and very attentive. The pouched mussels in totmato broth spaghett was so spicy that even the waitress noticed I have difficulty eating it. She volunteered to ask the chef to change the broth to a non spicy one for me. I was elated. It was wonderful. Bestie said the cod fish is not as fresh as those in Japan and the cake is abit too sweet.  Nevertheless, we ate till very full though I did not finished eating the spagheti as it was too much for me.

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