Thursday, January 31, 2013


It is thirstday and today is the last day of January 2013.  We have walked 31 days into 2013.  How is your New Year Resolution so far ?  If you are doing nothing about your new year resolutions, perhaps it is time to revisit the list and do something about it.  I don't call mine new year resolutions. Instead I called mine the personal goals for 2013.  So far I have been doing it consistently and daily. Of course revisiting the list every now and then, so as to achieve it.  

Fashionably yours have been pretty busy with work.  Of course I eat and I shop too.  It is 9 days to CNY.  How is your CNY preparations and shoppings ?  I bought 3 dresses for CNY as at todate and counting (if I can find some nice clothes that catches my eyes).  Oh yes, need to do some spring cleaning too next week.  Now I am busy clearing my office work so that I can go on my CNY leave next week.  Looking forward to my CNY leave.  Actually need to clear annual leave, so might as well clear it during CNY period since have tons of CNY preparations and stuff to do at home.  CNY is a very busy affair for my household. Have lots of relatives visitings at my house and my family also have some visitings too.

Anyway have been listening to lots of CNY songs played on radio lately.  Very happy listening to it and kinda have the CNY atmosphere.  I must say I don't really like the CNY decorations at Chinatown for this year, though the organiser has put in much effort into it.  Greatly appreciated but not my cup of tea....oops.

OK so tiring from working so hard in the office. Now need to knock off work soon to go home to rest.  Great tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is here soon.  Yippee..... 

Have a nice weekend everyone.  Thanks for reading and supporting my blog.  Greatly appreciated from the bottom of my heart.

Maggie Moo's ice cream

Yesterday fashionably yours and bff ate Maggie Moo's ice cream at 313 Somerset.   We had the waffle ice cream - mint and better batter cake carnival with maple syrup.  The waffle is hot and nice but the ice cream is too sweet for my liking.  

Waffle ice cream 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Auspicious colours for 2013

Received this in my inbox.  Thus sharing it here with everyone, for your 

CNY 2013: Auspicious colours to wear in the Year of the Snake

We know that black is usually frowned upon when it’s Chinese New Year, but it may very well be the exception for you this year if you’re born in the year of the Dog or the year of the Rat.
That’s right, our auspicious colours change every year so it largely depends on your zodiac sign and how it is affected by the lunar year.

This year we’ve decided to help you out by charting the colours so that you know just what colours you should be shopping for and what shades you should be avoiding like the plague.
So go on, find your sign and colour your way to an auspicious 2013!


Takashimaya Chinese New Year Fair

Fashionably yours went to Takashimaya Shopping Centre for the Chinese New Year (CNY) Fair.  It looks like a mini Chinatown to me because you can see so many stalls selling CNY goodies.

I bought this 
Yummy Kueh bangit and my favourite pineapple tarts

Dropped by books kinokuniya and bought this magazine.

Also dropped by Watsons and bought this eye shadow quad.  
Love this earthy tone shimmering shade

It is about 12 days to CNY. Most of you would have bought your CNY goodies by now and still counting.....Happy CNY shopping :) 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Forever Love by X Japan

Sharing one of my favourite songs.  Forever Love by X Japan.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wakame Udon and M&M Chocolates

It has been raining since last Saturday.  The weather is so cold these few days, temperature low of about  23 degree celsius and high of about 29 degree celsius.  Very cooling weather.  It is so comfy to drink hot soup on this cold weather. Thus fashionably yours decided to have wakame udon for lunch today.  Yummy and so comfy food. 

Wakame Udon

Munching my favourite chocolate
M & M chocolates
Melt in your mouth, not in your hand

Fashionably yours kinda miss the sun.  Wonder when will my laundry be dried in this wet wet wet weather.  

Monday, January 21, 2013

Project Rice 2013

Fashionably yours just donated to Project Rice 2013 at The Sheng Siong supermarket yesterday.   Do your part if you are at The Sheng Siong supermarket. It makes a difference to some families with your kind donations.

With your kind donations, the needy families will be able to receive a pack of 5Kg of Jasmine Fragrance rice.

From the 12th to 25th of January, buy rice vouchers at all Sheng Siong Supermarket outlets to share the festive joy with needy families.  

Let's share the joy.

For more information, please click here for project-r-i-c-e-2013

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Fashionably yours love to eat sweet oranges. I will definitely eat one orange everyday.  It is my favourite fruit at the moment. Oranges have vitamin B, C and antioxidants.    

Presenting my plate of sweet oranges.  

Monday, January 14, 2013

Magazines and Freebies

Fashionably yours got this FREE crystal 4GB thumb drive
 Just buy this ADORE magazine from Books Kinokuniya

14.01.2013 rest, relax and recharge day

Fashionably yours is on leave today.  Have lots of annual leave which are carried forward from last year balance annual leave.  We need to clear it by 31.3.2013, as per my company policy.  Will be clearing my annual leave on and off. I need to take leave to prepare for CNY too.  It is good to take leave to rest, relax and recharge. 

Well, what did fashionably yours do on my off day today.  I blog, read the newspaper, eat, sleep, watch TV, shoppings and went to Ikea to buy dining chairs' cushions and tealight candles this afternoon. It was not crowded at Ikea so was such a breeze making payment and I don't have to fight for oxygen with the crowds during weekends.  I hate crowded places so generally I will take annual leave to go shoppings or go outings during peak hours/weekdays while most of the people are working.  Of course you need to have alot of annual leaves to clear or take in order to go outings during office hours/weekdays. 

I was craving to eat dry mee pok fishball for lunch but that stall was closed.  Thus I ate century egg with minced pork porridge which is also very yummy. Ate till so full.

Glad I reached home sweet home before the heavy downpour this afternoon from Ikea.  I love this nice and cooling weather after the rain.  While watching the rain, fashionably yours ate Kettle brand Potato chips Honey Dijon.  It is so yummy.  Highyl recommended.  It can be purchased from Cold Storage or NTUC Fairprice at SGD4.95 each.

Yummy Honey Dijon
Also went to the medical hall nearby my house to buy this Red Sun Takara to detox.  Not sure if it is effective though.  
Red Sun Takara to detox
Just watched MBS laser light show from the comfort of my house.  It makes me a happy girl.  Also fashionably yours enjoy watching this group of people playing sepak takraw downstairs my hosue at the court.  They play almost every night.
Wishing everyone a nice week ahead and thanks for supporting my blog.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rainy evening 2.1.2013

It rained very heavily in many parts of Singapore just now, except my area.  It only drizzled in my area though there were loud thunder and some lightning.  My friends said it rain so bad that flash flood occurs and cannot see the road properly from Raffles Place to the East side just now, while driving.

The rain has stopped by now.  The weather is very nice and cooling.  Nice weather to zzzzzzz...... skin is itchy and fashionably yours is scratching it again from head to toes.  Alright I shall shower with the newly bought pH balance soap free shower gel and try not to scratch my itchy skin.  

God bless me. 

Allergic itchy skin attack

Fashionably yours skin is so sensitive and itchy since last Friday night till now.  It is so itchy that I keep scratching it.  I have seen my company doctor twice, once on NYE and second time is today, but not recovered yet.  The first doctor prescribed me with some anti histamine and adviced me not to eat seafood including fish.  My last allergic itchy skin attack was in 2008.

This morning I woke up with very itchy skin again, whole body and face also itchy,  so I went to see another company doctor. She said this itchy skin could be triggered by some smell or something in the air which I come into contact with.  This doctor also prescribed with some anti histamine and adviced me to shower with pH balance soap free shower gel till my skin calm down.  Can still continue with my usual moisturisers but don't apply any new products to my skin.  Thus I bought this. Hope it helps to calm my skin down.

Fashionably yours is still scratching my body, left, right and centre, while I am blogging this. My daddy said my itchy skin is so scary, please don't go out to scare people off.  Dear God, I pray that my itchy and sensitive skin will recover soonest possible.  Amen. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1st afternoon nap of 2013

Just woke up from my 1st afternoon nap of 2013, 1.1.2013. Life is good.
Now making myself a hot pot of Moroccon mint tea from TWG.

Yoghurt 1.1.2013

Healthy eating yoghurt. My favourite meiji low fat yoghurt.

Foodie 1.1.2013


Healthy hot bowl of porridge which fashionably yours cooked for my lunch on 1.1.2013. Yummy and nutritious. I love eating porridge.


Wishing everyone a happy and Blessed New Year 2013. Fireworks captured from the comfort of my humble loft :)