Monday, January 14, 2013

14.01.2013 rest, relax and recharge day

Fashionably yours is on leave today.  Have lots of annual leave which are carried forward from last year balance annual leave.  We need to clear it by 31.3.2013, as per my company policy.  Will be clearing my annual leave on and off. I need to take leave to prepare for CNY too.  It is good to take leave to rest, relax and recharge. 

Well, what did fashionably yours do on my off day today.  I blog, read the newspaper, eat, sleep, watch TV, shoppings and went to Ikea to buy dining chairs' cushions and tealight candles this afternoon. It was not crowded at Ikea so was such a breeze making payment and I don't have to fight for oxygen with the crowds during weekends.  I hate crowded places so generally I will take annual leave to go shoppings or go outings during peak hours/weekdays while most of the people are working.  Of course you need to have alot of annual leaves to clear or take in order to go outings during office hours/weekdays. 

I was craving to eat dry mee pok fishball for lunch but that stall was closed.  Thus I ate century egg with minced pork porridge which is also very yummy. Ate till so full.

Glad I reached home sweet home before the heavy downpour this afternoon from Ikea.  I love this nice and cooling weather after the rain.  While watching the rain, fashionably yours ate Kettle brand Potato chips Honey Dijon.  It is so yummy.  Highyl recommended.  It can be purchased from Cold Storage or NTUC Fairprice at SGD4.95 each.

Yummy Honey Dijon
Also went to the medical hall nearby my house to buy this Red Sun Takara to detox.  Not sure if it is effective though.  
Red Sun Takara to detox
Just watched MBS laser light show from the comfort of my house.  It makes me a happy girl.  Also fashionably yours enjoy watching this group of people playing sepak takraw downstairs my hosue at the court.  They play almost every night.
Wishing everyone a nice week ahead and thanks for supporting my blog.

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